Mushi Mushi: Singapore Japanese Chawanmushi Review

“Mushi Mushi is chawanmushi-lovers’ idea of heaven”

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Mushi Mushi is definitely breaking new ground by largely centering their menu selection on Chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard), offering 5 variations to the widely-popular Japanese dish.

The two young owners, Liang Yiyong and Cheng Liang Qi came across their business one day when they realized that the market was lacking in healthy, carbo-free snack alternatives which would be quick to take-away.

Their Chawanmushi recipes have been fine-tuned to perfection under the guidance of a Japanese chef and multiple Japanese cooking lessons. Brewed specially with Japanese Dashi Stock with absolutely no addition of MSG, Konbu (edible kelp) and Bonito Flakes, the store’s Mushi(s) have received numerous positive feedback from Japanese customers who have remarked that it tasted like home.

Now, isn’t that something?

Mushi Mushi Interior

Even though the store caters more toward busy office workers who are looking for a quick meal fix, Mushi Mushi still has two rows of tables and chairs installed for those who possess more time to savor their food.

Mushi Mushi Interior

Rows of the store’s cute packaging for their Mushi(s) lined the desk and I felt that it was a rather nice touch.

Mushi Mushi Collection

Mushi Mushi Meron Mushi

Mushi Mushi’s Meron Mushi ($3.50) contained moist and tender ‘Shark’s Fin Melon bits’ and tasty bite-sized White Fish. I thought it was extremely clever of the store to incorporate Shark’s Fin melon bits into the dish because once steamed, the melon disintegrated into strands which closely simulate the texture of actual Shark’s Fin. And the best part would be that no sharks were harmed in the making of this dish. Genius.

The egg custard was soft and the spoon glided through effortlessly. It was sweet yet savory, easily one of the best Chawanmushi I’ve ever eaten in my life. And I’ve eaten a lot.

Mushi Mushi Crab Mushi

Kani Mushi ($4.50) was topped with a lavish amount of crab real crab meat immersed in the store’s special and secretive house blend sauce. The crab meat was firm and sweet while the egg custard itself was umami, velvety and smooth. Mouthfuls of the Mushi went down my throat extremely easily and before I even knew it, half of the bowl was wiped clean. Delicious.

Mushi Mushi Yuzu Tea

For those who are seeking healthier drink options, Mushi Mushi has also got you covered. Even though the selection of drinks is limited at two – Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera and Yuzu Tea, I felt that the quality of their drinks made up for it.

The refreshing and light taste of the store’s Yuzu Tea gave me a respite from the unbearably hot and humid weather of Singapore. Bits of orange peel and pulp were included in the drink and I felt that they complemented the tartness of Yuzu extremely well.


I could definitely tell why Mushi Mushi named their Classic Mushi ($2.90) as such; it was simple yet marvelous. With Surumi and Shiitake proudly on display, a slight scoop into the egg custard revealed fresh prawns and tender, juicy chicken cubes.

I think what floored me was the price tag of the Mushi; at $2.90, this is literally a steal given the amount of quality food you get.

Mushi Mushi Ikura Mushi

Every bite of the Ikura Mushi ($4.90) released spurts of salty premium Salmon Roe goodness into my mouth. Even though the egg custard was excellent as usual, I felt that this dish got a little boring toward the end. Maybe the dish could be further supplemented by prawn or chicken bits to give it more texture.

However, this might be due to the fact that I’m not really a Salmon Roe lover so for salmon roe fanatics, this might very well be the go-to Mushi.

Mushi Mushi Kinoko Mushi

Kinoko Mushi ($3.50) pleasantly surprised me with the number of different species of mushrooms – Shiitake, Shimeiji, Enoki and White Button Mushrooms, contained within a modest bowl of Chawanmushi. The egg custard itself was infused strongly with the earthy flavoring of mushrooms and I went crazy over this dish. I think I’ll be back for more of this mushroom goodness.

If you’re looking for a quick snack or even lunch fix which is healthy, free of carbohydrates and is reasonably priced, then I honestly can’t think of a better alternative to Mushi Mushi. Other than their signature Mushi(s), the store also provides onigiris and mini dons for those who are not able to go without their carbohydrates. I am looking forward to an expansion of their menu and like I said, I’ll be back for the Enoki Mushi for sure.

Expected Damage: $5-8/pax

Mushi Mushi: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #01-09, Singapore 077979 | Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 0730 to 1930; Sat 0900 to 1400; Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays | Website

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