Make Room For Shiitake Mushroom Chips From Mushroom Kingdom Now At 7-Eleven Stores

Healthy snack alert!

You can now find local brand Mushroom King‘s Shrooms Bites at more than 300 7-Eleven stores islandwide.

Mushroom Kingdom Chips 7 Eleven Online 3
Credit – Mushroom Kingdom

These crunchy Shiitake mushroom chips come in three flavours — Original, Wasabi and Black Pepper. However, only the Original and Wasabi Shrooms Bites can be found at 7-Eleven outlets, retailing for S$5.50 per bag.

Mushroom Kingdom Chips 7 Eleven Online 3
Credit – Mushroom Kingdom

Fresh organic Shiitake mushrooms are sourced from farms in Yun Lin, Taiwan and undergo a unique 6-hour dehydration process before they are air-fried and lightly seasoned. The chips contain 70% less oil than conventional snacks.

Even though the more cost-effective deep frying process was initially considered, the team at Mushroom Kingdom decided to stay true to their mission, to produce healthy and yummy snacks for consumers.

Mushroom Kingdom Chips 7 Eleven Online 2
Credit – Mushroom Kingdom

More than 50,000 packets of Shrooms Bites have been sold, ever since its online launch in 2018.

Given that many are choosing healthy snack alternatives nowadays, it’s safe to say that the market is booming.

Time to grab a pack and become the most “fun-gi” at the party.

Dates & Times: Now available at 7-Eleven outlets and on their official website.

Prices: S$5.50 per 50g bag