Spread Kindness By Getting a Meal Delivered to Your Loved Ones With MyTreat

“No lah, my treat. I will pay for this meal, then you pay for the next.” Sounds familiar? Before this whole social distancing measure came into place, never have I expected dining out with friends and family to be a luxury. Nonetheless, it seems like giving someone you care for and appreciate a treat will not be stopped by the COVID-19 as treats can now be done via delivery! 

Mytreat Online 3
Credit – MyTreat

Initiated by food writer Annette Tan and PR professional Lyla Lin, MyTreat is a kindness movement that started out with the spirit of sharing a meal in mind. As part of the #savefnbsg initiative, this platform supports our local restaurants by encouraging Singaporeans to order food online then send it as a gift to someone we love.

To help in spreading the word, participants are also encouraged to complete a MyTreat template sharing words of kindness or encouragement regarding the meal they are buying (or receiving) and post it on Instagram.

Mytreat Online 1
Credit – MyTreat

With a current total of 26 participating restaurants, MyTreat is still in the process of gathering more eateries under the platform to provide quality food that will encourage locals to share their goodwill and in turn, inspire others to do the same.

As much as we are confident that this trying time will pass, the question is, will our favourite restaurants survive this pandemic? I guess much of this boils down to the public’s support during such times. So let us all do a small act of kindness and buy a loved one a treat. Your action might end up helping a business stay afloat!

Dates & Times: For the list of restaurants under MyTreat, visit website here

Price: Prices vary according to merchants