Get excited for Nando’s limited edition hottest flavour yet & a bigger, bottomless feast deal

Are you the friend in the group who tolerates spice like no other? How about showing off your spice superiority a little bit, huh? Get ready for watery eyes and burning tongues. Nando’s is here now to turn up the heat with their new spice level, along with levelling up their bottomless food and free-flow promo from 5 Sep 2022

Nando's - close up food
Credit – Nando’s

First, let’s get to the exciting new spice level. It’s widely known that Nando’s is famous for its flame-grilled PERi-PERi Chicken that comes in options like Grilled Chicken Tenders (S$11.90), 16 Winglets & Drumlets (S$24.90), Boneless Thighs (S$14.90 with one regular side, S$16.90 with two regular sides) and more. Their spice level ranges across five PERi-PERi flavours: Extra Hot, Hot, Mild, Lemon & Herb, and Plain…ish. Now to turn things up a notch comes Vusa XXHot which is all set to take up the top spot in the PERi-ometer spice scale. 

Nando's - new flavour

Trying out the hottest Nando’s flavour yet is for sure a challenge to all the daredevils out there. It’s an age-old recipe that has African bird’s eye chilli mixed with lemon and garlic—  imagine a fiery chicken piece in red hot sauce and coated in chilli seeds. My taste buds are already on fire just thinking about it. It’s available while stocks last so don’t waste any time.

Nando’s free-flow Frozen Yoghurt (S$4.80) and Bottomless Drinks (S$4.20) have always been popular for being a satisfying, budget-friendly option. Those of us who need to cool our bodies after taking in all the hot chicken surely love it. Now for a limited time only, this offer also extends to enjoying the 1/4 Chicken with Bottomless Drinks and bottomless Signature Rice or PERi-PERi chips (S$17.90) for a reasonable price. 

Nando's - close up of food
Credit – Nando’s

The Signature Rice (S$4 for regular, S$6 for large), 1/4 Chicken (S$14.50 with one regular side, S$16.50 with two regular sides), and PERi-PERi Chips (S$4 for regular, S$6 for large) can also be purchased separately, but the new deal sounds way sweeter. If you don’t want to miss out on the Frozen Yoghurt, top it up for just S$2 to enjoy the free flow. Start spicy September with a bang!

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