First dibs: Bite into KFC’s delectable new Cheesy Zinger Meltz on 7 Sept 2022

You may have been one of the few to catch KFC‘s “accidental” announcement of their newest product on their Facebook on 1 September 2022 that was deleted 5 minutes later. Well, KFC fans, rejoice, for the limited time Cheesy Zinger Meltz will officially be launched on 7 September 2022!

cheesy zinger meltz 1

KFC’s Cheesy Zinger Meltz is a cheesy creation containing chopped pieces of their signature Zinger fillet, crushed nacho chips, tomatoes, shredded cheese and a generous drizzle of KFC cheese sauce, all wrapped in a tortilla. The tortilla wrap is then toasted until the surface is crispy.

cheesy zinger meltz 4

The resulting product is an incredibly cheesy and crispy toasted wrap, stuffed full of salty and savoury ingredients.

Having seen how the wrap was prepared, I was excited to take a bite. I liked the light crispy texture of the toasted tortilla, and the chicken pieces were juicy and slightly spicy. The addition of the KFC cheese sauce made the entire product incredibly cheesy and delightfully messy. The nacho chips also added a wonderful crunch!

cheesy zinger meltz 3

However, the fried Zinger chicken did get a tad soggy, so I find that wrap would be best consumed quickly after preparation. My only other gripe would be that the product was quite salty, though it still made for a satisfying and indulgent meal.

An a la carte Cheesy Zinger Meltz will cost you S$6.60, and if you’re hungry for something more, get the Cheesy Zinger Meltz Meal (S$8.20), containing one Cheesy Zinger Meltz, one medium fries and one regular Coke Zero Sugar.

Go all out with the Cheesy Zinger Meltz Box (S$9.95), which comes with one Cheesy Zinger Meltz, one piece of chicken, one regular fries, one regular whipped potato and one regular Coke Zero Sugar.

KFC Cheesy Zinger Meltz
Credit – KFC Singapore

Finally, share a Cheesy Zinger Meltz Buddy Meal (S$19.45) with a friend or two, consisting of one Cheesy Zinger Meltz, three pieces of chicken, six pieces of nuggets, two regular whipped potatoes and two regular Coke Zero Sugars.

KFC’s Cheesy Zinger Meltz will be available at all KFC outlets islandwide from 7 September 2022, except for Singapore Zoo and Singapore Polytechnic.

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