We got our hands on McDonald’s McPepper, Teh C Frappé & Pulut Hitam Pie with Pokemon packaging

“Pika, pika, pikachuuuu”! I could almost hear the cute cartoony voice of Pikachu emerging out of the McDonald’s across my home on 1 September 2022. This is the day the popular fast food chain brings back the McPepper, and launches their Teh C Frappé and Pulut Hitam Pie all decked out in cute Pokemon packaging.

pokemon mcdonald's - restaurant exterior

As I headed down and discovered that the restaurant was super packed on that Thursday evening, I opted to do a takeaway of all the menu items that had the Pokemon packaging instead.

pokemon mcdonald's - items overview

I ordered two McPepper Upsize Meals (S$7.10 each), topped up one Small Teh C Frappé (+S$1.40), one Medium Teh C Frappé (+S$1.90), got a Pulut Hitam Pie (S$1.70), and one Happy Meal (S$5) which came with a cute Pokemon toy.

Just so you know, I took a picture without the french fries as it came in the usual packaging (in case you think I got short-changed).

pokemon mcdonald's - mcpepper and pulut hitam pie

The McPepper came in a white Charizard wrapper while the Pulut Hitam Pie came in a striking purple Eevee packaging. I was so tempted to wipe clean the Pokemon packaging and put them up for sale on Carousell, but I shall not resort to such silliness!

pokemon mcdonald's - mcpepper

I dug into the McPepper, which is a scaled-down version of the Prosperity Burger. It had two beef patties drenched in spicy and sweet black pepper sauce, and had a layer of juicy sauteed onions on top. I’ve really missed this burger at McDonald’s, and am hoping it can one day turn into a permanent item on their menu.

pokemon mcdonald's - pulut hitam pie

I moved on to the Pulut Hitam Pie. This was actually my second time having it. I really love the pulut hitam filling which tastes exactly like the actual dessert— it would’ve been perfect if I had some salted coconut milk with me.

pokemon mcdonald's - teh c frappe

The cutesy Pokemon packaging extends to their frappé cups as well. The Teh C Frappé had Pokemon characters striking different poses around the cup. ADORABLE!

The small-sized version had Scorbunny while the medium-sized one featured Pikachu. I can foresee many of us recycling these!

pokemon mcdonald's - closeup of cream

The Teh C Frappe, though launched a couple of months back, was new to me. It wasn’t as sweet as I’d thought it’d be. It was topped with a layer of cream and dusted with either milo or cocoa powder (I couldn’t really identify it).

pokemon mcdonald's - happy meal

Lastly, I purchased a Happy Meal which came in a Pokemon box and a cute toy. It was a camping wagon and it had stickers to go along for me to paste on it. Kids are going to go bonkers for this one!

So if you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan, head down to a McDonald’s near you— catch them all before the Pokemon packaging goes!

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