Roots Regenerative: The next generation of grass-fed & hormone-free beef is here in Singapore

Have you ever felt bad about eating meat but found the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle too hard to follow? Especially if you’re an animal lover like I am, the feeling of guilt never really goes away. When you know the quality of life led by these animals is extremely poor too, what can you possibly do to help better this situation? Roots Regenerative is here to the rescue!

Roots Regenerative - close up of meat
Credit – Roots Regenerative

When you follow the non-vegetarian way of life, one of the few things you can do to help the planet is to make conscious choices. That’s exactly what Roots Regenerative gives you the option to do. This concept of beef for the next generation which is produced through regenerative agriculture has finally made its way to Singapore. 

All the way from Queensland, their core values are based on prioritising the ecosystem’s health. They follow soil health principles and regenerative grazing management which largely includes making sure that natural resources aren’t exhausted for the sake of supply and demand. We can’t be too greedy when it comes to mother earth, now can we?

Roots Regenerative - close up of meat

I had the chance to try out their Beef Ribeye Steak (S$45.40), Beef Mince (S$19.01), and Beef Striploin Steak (S$43.78). They came neatly packaged and tightly sealed. So tight that I didn’t understand why the meat wasn’t thawing: until I realised there was a transparent film that firmly clung to it. It enclosed the meat with a small ice pack that was underneath it, making sure it was well preserved.

Roots Regenerative - close up of meat

I decided to cook the Beef Ribeye Steak and the Beef Striploin Steak. I went down the easiest route by just coating the meat in salt, pepper and some paprika. Aside from the spice, my Indian taste buds prefer the meat to be really well done (as evident from the pictures, kindly don’t judge). After cooking the meats, I just added a dollop of butter mixed with garlic and it truly lifted the dish up. The meat tasted succulent, fresh, and screamed quality. I could feel the difference and acknowledge that this organic meat isn’t just overpriced food in fancy packaging.    

close up of meat

The cattle are 100% grass-fed and totally free of antibiotics and hormones. They’re also allowed to roam free for life. You can try other products like the Beef Stir Fry (S$21.13), Beef Flank Steak (S$26.70), Beef Tenderloin (S$59.99) and more! They are all available on Redmart and for the month of September, you get to enjoy 30% off on all Roots Regenerative products. 

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