NESCAFE Smoovlatte: Bottled Coffee Review

nescafe smoovlatte

Living in a fast-paced country like Singapore means staying on top of your game, but sometimes we all need a little bit of help with that. A hot cuppa in the morning might kickstart your day, but I for one know that I’ll always need a boost some time in the afternoon.

The unforgiving weather makes it a bit hard to reach for another steaming caffeine fix though, so instead, why not go for the new NESCAFE Smoovlatte?

Great Balance of Coffee and Milk

nescafe smoovlatte

It was sweltering in the office the other day, and I was so glad to have these two bottles stowed away in the fridge. Best when ice cold, the NESCAFE Smoovlatte is the perfect balance of smooth milk and delicious coffee.

I love that the cold coffee comes in the ideal bottle size, with just the right amount for a pick-me-up. I also couldn’t decide between the two flavours, so I kinda drank a little from both throughout the day – resealable bottles meant that I didn’t have to worry about them getting stale.

The Caffe Latte was a wonderful blend of coffee and milk, and was thankfully not too sweet. My usual problem with bottled coffees is that they tend to be unbearably sweetened, which ruins the whole point of a pick-me-up.

Available in Latte and Mocha Flavours

nescafe smoovlatte

The NESCAFE Smoovlatte was just right though, and was really easy to drink. Even the other flavour, Mocha, wasn’t too sweet despite the hint of chocolate.

I loved that the chocolate-y taste wasn’t artificial, and it thankfully didn’t feel like I was just having a coffee with chocolate syrup. Make sure you give the bottle a good shake before drinking it!

In both flavours, I could still taste the coffee but because of the ideal blend, it wasn’t bitter at all. This is definitely the drink for those of you who want a bit of caffeine, but can’t really handle the intensity of a normal cup of coffee.

Smooth and Light Coffee

nescafe smoovlatte

The NESCAFE Smoovlatte is evidently milkier, which also means that it’s quite light. I’ve certainly had one or two moments in the past where drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoon has made me feel a bit ill, given the heaviness of the drink.

Both the Caffe Latte and Mocha were very refreshing, especially when drunk ice cold. The Mocha even felt a bit like an afternoon snack, given its chocolate-y aftertaste. Cocoa fans will love this one!

nescafe smoovlatte

I can now totally understand why it’s called Smoovlatte – the light, milky coffee is definitely silky smoov. NESCAFE Smoovlatte is available at 7-ELEVEN stores islandwide, and at only $2.20 per bottle, it actually works out cheaper than getting an iced latte at most cafes.

So the next time you’re out on a caffeine run for your study buddies or work mates, get this convenient drink on-the-go and save money in the process. I’ve already started stocking up the office fridge, and I’m pretty sure everyone will thank me later.

Expected damage: $2.20 per bottle

NESCAFE Smoovlatte: Exclusively available at 7-ELEVEN stores islandwide | Website

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