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Nestlé Debuts World’s First Cacao Fruit Chocolate Kit Kat In Japan

Last Updated: December 2, 2019

Written by Felicia Koh

When it comes to creativity and originality, Nestlé Japan is always on the go, looking for new methods to innovate and work some magic into their Kit Kat chocolate creations. 

Kit Kat Cacao Fruit Online 3


Once again, the team did not disappoint and has launched their new Kit Kat Chocolatory Cacao Fruit Chocolate (JP¥400, ~S$5)—the world’s first product that uses unique chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit.

In the Cacao Fruit Chocolate, the iconic crispy Kit Kat wafer is coated with 70% dark chocolate that uses the beans and pulp from the cocoa fruit as the only ingredient. 

With Nestlé Japan’s patented innovation, the chocolate created is free of any refined sugars and is naturally sweetened only from the cocoa pulp, which is the white substance surrounding the cacao beans inside the fruit.

As a chocoholic myself, I found this innovation to be very intriguing as it not only introduces the world to this magnificent ingredient—the cacao fruit—but also helps create awareness of food sustainability.

This will definitely open doors to a whole series of confectioneries that will start using the appeal of cacao as natural sugar and flavouring, benefiting the end consumers in terms of health and also helping our environment through the reduction of food waste.

With the Cacao Fruit Chocolate Kit Kat bar being 100% natural chocolate, I wonder if it is really going to taste good. Well, we won’t know until we try it for ourselves, won’t we?

Dates & Time: Now available at all Kit Kat Chocolatory in Japan | Purchase online here

Price: One bar (JP¥400, ~S$5), Cacao Fruit Assortment of five bars (JP¥1,900, ~S$23.70), Cacao Fruit Assortment of seven bars (JP¥2,500, ~S$31.20)

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