Nesture Bird’s Nest: This Cafe Along River Valley Road Has Everything With Bird’s Nest On Its Menu

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Nesture Bird’s Nest is a cafe specialising in everything bird’s nest, from drinks to desserts. The bird’s nests here are harvested from the owner’s own nests in Indonesia and processed without any bleach or additives.

If you’re a bird’s nest newbie, Nesture is the perfect place for you to get to know more about bird’s nest and have it incorporated into desserts that aren’t too alien to you.

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Start off with the Cold Bird’s Nest Coffee ($8) which was a rich yet refreshing drink full of coffee and bird’s nest. The coffee was mildly sweetened and the milk balanced out the acidity well. We really enjoyed the taste of the coffee on its own.

Shake it up to get some of the bird’s nest with every mouthful. Although it did not have much flavour, the bird’s nest added a jelly-like texture, definitely a new experience and something that you have to try!

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If you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, consider getting the Bird’s Nest Gula Melaka Creme Brulee ($8.90). Similarly, the bird’s nest lent a fun textural contrast and still remained light on the palate. Together with the caramelised sugar, each bite contained a random composition of flavours and textures.

The bird’s nest acted as a palate cleanser and reduced the jelak-ness in every bite. It offered something a little more refreshing than your plain old creme brulee.

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In line with tradition, Nesture serves an Asian Pear with Almonds, Red Dates, Wolfberry and Bird’s Nest ($12.90). The dessert reminded us of the 甜汤 (sweet soup) that grandma used to make, except this one came with a whole pear nestled in the bowl.

The dessert is served cold, making it perfect for any hot day right here in Singapore. The pear was tender and absorbed the flavours of the soup, making each bite flavourful and refreshing.

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Next up, we had the Waffle with Bird’s Nest served with ice cream flavour of the day topped with Bird’s Nest ($14.90). It’s a mouthful, and you read that right – waffles, ice cream and bird’s nest.

We took a bite of the waffle and it was slightly more dense and less fluffy that what you’d normally get in a cafe. However, the dense waffle held the vanilla ice cream and bird’s nest well, acting as the perfect medium to highlight the bird’s nest.

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Following with the Asian-Western fusion, the Bird’s Nest Macarons ($2.80) were small, delectable treats. The cafe serves 13 different flavours of macarons, but our favourite was the Chinese Lychee which had a fruity flavour that was floral and light.

The sweetness of the macaron was mellowed out by the bird’s nest which allowed us to gobble down one macaron after another. With 12 other flavours, we’re excited to get a taste of every flavour (and at such an affordable price)!

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If you want to sate your bird’s nest cravings at home, purchase the take-home bottles that are all cooked and bottled in-house, without any preservatives, to ensure freshness and quality. These bottles come in five different flavours so take your pick according to your preference.

For exciting desserts with a bird’s nest twist, visit Nesture to get your tummies filled and your skin glowing.

Expected damage: $20 per person

Nesture Bird’s Nest: 491 River Valley Road #01-13 Singapore 248371 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 12pm – 10pm | Tel: +65 6821 1771 | Website | Facebook