New Moon’s latest CNY goodies need a seat at your snack table

Besides the riotous festivities that Chinese New Year promises, it is also the perfect excuse to stuff myself silly with those moreish snacks. While pineapple tarts have become synonymous with Chinese New Year, I’d say don’t close yourself off to other goodies. This year, New Moon has got you covered with the classics and a couple of new items to keep your taste buds on your toes.

What I tried

New Moon 1

Just so we don’t throw ourselves into the deep-end just yet, we’ll begin with the New Moon Signature Pineapple Tart (S$13.80). An archetypal Chinese New Year goodie that has seen many iterations, this one comes in a ridged pattern that’s stuffed pineapple filling. A delicate, buttery number that barely makes it to my mouth in one piece.

A lot softer than I was expecting, with a hint of milk powder and ever-so-buttery, this pineapple tart was pretty good. I must say, the milk powder element might not be everybody since it lent a slightly more saccharine note to the golden nugget. Still, the fact that it melted in my mouth was already a plus.

Picture of New Moon bakkwa 6

When it comes to Chinese New Year, one cannot do without liberal helpings of bak kwa. Well, New Moon has certainly pulled out all the stops with their New Moon Bakkwa (160g) (Price TBC). These are freshly barbecued using a traditional recipe; then each delicious slice is individually vacuum-sealed to lock in all those smoky flavours.

Not to mention, vacuum-sealed means that your bak kwa has a much longer shelf-life so you can have bak kwa long after CNY. As a sucker for convenience, these individual portions make the act of snacking that much easier.

Flatlay of bak kwa New Moon 7

That being said, while these slices managed to strike a balance between sweet and savoury, I thought they would benefit from just a little more fat and char. Still, that golden box makes a good gift and serves as an excellent crowd-pleaser.

Picture of New Moon Bird's Nes 9

Little luxuries are always the cherry on top and if you want to feel like part of the Bling Empire (even for a second) snag yourself New Moon Bird’s Nest With White Fungus Rock Sugar (S$19.90 (U.P S$39.80) for six bottles; S$49.80 (U.P S$139.60) for 24 bottles) available exclusively at selected FairPrice outlets. Bird’s nest comes with a plethora of benefits, besides helping you achieve that coveted dewy Korean skin glow, bird’s nest also helps strengthen your immunity. Feel like the nouveau riche in between lavish mouthfuls of white fungus and premium bird’s nest.

So, if you’ve over-indulged a little—as one would during the festivities—sip on New Moon’s Bird’s Nest, and you’ll be good as new. I usually like mine a little chilled, but you can have it at room temperature if you want.

New Moon 3

To satiate the munchies in between rounds of mahjong and Black Jack, make sure you have New Moon Red Velvet Double Chocolate Chip (S$12.80) and New Moon Oatmeal Crunchies (S$12.80) nearby.

I admittedly turn into a highly superstitious, throw-salt-over-your-shoulder kind of girl when it comes to Chinese New Year. So, these New Moon Red Velvet Double Chocolate medallions which have the same hue of red packets (which I hope to receive in spades) are cookies that are extra munchies to have around. These were crispy that came with a gratifying snap; it could do with a touch more chocolate but otherwise, an entirely satisfactory cookie.

New Moon 4

Now, the New Moon Oatmeal Crunchies are exactly what they promise. A satisfying crunch with a sweet, malty bite, this healthier option will still ensure you still get your fibre in between mouthfuls of bak kwa.

If all else fails, then the New Moon Almond Delights (S$12.80) are an easy favourite to fall back on. A tasty morsel made with smooth almond paste that crumbles easily when you pop one into your mouth. It’s hard not to like this one and serves as a reliable staple for the Chinese New Year snack table.

Final thoughts

We have always associated New Moon with their abalone, and now they have a new notch to add to their belt. While there are a couple of slight misses with their snacks, New Moon’s range of snacks is still good to have on hand when one is feeling peckish after catching up with cousins. After all, what’s a celebration without an abundance of goodies munch on.

You can find the entire range of New Moon snacks at selected leading supermarkets, petrol kiosks, leading supermarkets, petrol kiosks, convenience stores, and online marketplaces. Of course, love the rush of online shopping, make your purchases on their website, and you can enjoy exclusive discounts and privileges.

It’s a double-win, and what is Chinese New year without clinching a couple of good deals along the way.

Expected Damage: S$12.80 – S$69.80 per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with New Moon.