New York Steakhouse: Bangkok Food Review

One of the Best American Steakhouses in Bangkok

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Arguably offering the best steaks in Bangkok, New York Steakhouse is an American styled steak restaurant located in JW Marriott Bangkok. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge steak fan and have eaten pretty much eaten at every great steakhouse in Singapore, and aim to do the same in Bangkok.

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Bringing great steaks to the dynamic, dazzling capital of Bangkok, New York Steakhouse has tailored their menu and combines ambience with impeccable Thai hospitality to bring you the best of both worlds.

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Modeled after the classic Manhattan steakhouses like Sparks, the Post House and Smith & Wollensky, within New York Steakhouse you’ll find dark wood furnishing, plush black leather and subdued lighting for a sophisticated ambiance.

The seats are large- a bit too large, but also creates that imposing regal bordering on uncomfortably grand.

new york steakhouse bangkok martini

Having a classic martini is a must here,  with servers even shaking it ‘live’ at the side of your table. The generous alcohol kick is the perfect headstart for the meal to come, and trust me you’ll need all the appetite you can muster up.

We kicked off the actual meal with some appetizers.

new york steakhouse bangkok french onion soup

French Onion Soup (360 THB). Made with a combination of melted Guyere and Monterey Jack cheese, the soup was express its onion sweetness and balanced with the cheesey body well.

new york steakhouse bangkok lobster bisque

American Lobster Bisque (490 THB). Great crustacean flavour without being overly bitter from the shells being boiled too long, there is a subtle sweet smokiness which makes this an excellent lobster bisque.

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new york steakhouse bangkok Caesar salad

Caesar Salad (520 THB). Tableside shows are always a cornerstone of impressive fine-dining, and New York Steakhouse delivers with their prepared of their Caesar salad tableside – the salad sauce is made from scratch, combining anchovies, mayonnaise, olive oil and other seasonings in the wooden mixing bowl before adding fresh greens and tossed.

The crisp bacon and croutons add more texture to this simple salad dish which has a peppery finish.

new york steakhouse bangkok crab cakes

Lump Snow Crab Cakes (520 THB). The jumbo sized lumps of crab meat are just amazing when you pop them in your mouth for a good bite of crab. A slightly more charred and crisp exterior would have made this perfect for me. Squeeze some lemon for some acidity which greatly changes the flavour.

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Traditional White Asaparagus (Half KG 1380 THB). Simply steamed, this seasonal asapraguis is considered a detox vegetable in Europe and has a slightly more bitter taste than its green cousin. Available till end of July!

new york steakhouse bangkok filet mignon

USDA Prime Filet Mignon 8oz (2480 THB). Well, although there are various other origins of meat like from Australia, it didn’t make sense to me to go to an American Steakhouse to eat Australian beef.

The Filet Mignon is the most tender cut of the beef with even fat distributed all around the entire piece. Although it comes in a huge round cube, you’ll find that the Filet Mignon at New York steakhosue is evenly pink throughout with a softness that is popular with the ladies who dislike heavily fat meat.

new york steakhouse bangkok ribeye

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USDA Prime Rib eye Steak 14oz (2950 THB). This huge chunk of steak has much more fat all around and is considerably more flavorful than the Filet Mignon, as well as being a top favorite amongst diners. You’ll never get sick of eating a ribeye, especially one as marbled as the USDA Prime beef that New York Steakhouse uses in Bangkok.

new york steakhouse bangkok  Beef Tournedos

U.S. Prime Beef Tournedos (2480 THB). 6 oz beef served with pan – fried Goose Liver,  Rocket Salad and Port Wine Sauce.

New York Steakhouse also does classic steak combinations, with seafood, mixed grilled or foie gras as seen above.
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Creamed Spinach with Garlic (180 THB) and Steamed Broccoli with Monterey Jack Cheese (250 THB). A variety of sides orders are also available, but I assure you the steaks will definitely fill you up, so don’t be too greedy with the sides.

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new york steakhouse bangkok chocolate lava cakeA range of American desserts are also available like the Chocolate Lava Cake. The classic chocolate cake that is a tad on the indulgent side as a finisher, but Americans love it and so should you.

I’d recommend something lighter like the ice cream with berries to provide a refreshing tart finish to the meal which is much needed after such a high fat content meal. A great palate cleanser and dessert.

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Although all meats and seafoods are imported, quality has been preserved at a considerably high standard. Service is impeccable as expected of a restaurant of such high calibre, New York Steakhouse in JW Marriott should be the steakhouse at the top of your mind when you want to have great USDA Prime steaks in Bangkok.

Expected Damage: 4000 THB – 5000 THB

New York Seakhouse: 4 Sukhumvit Road, JW, Mariott Hotel Bangkok (2nd Floor), Soi 2 Bangkok 10110 Thailand | Tel: +66 2 656 7700 | Website