Nissin Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle: Forget About Energy Drinks, Try The World’s First Ever Energy Cup Noodle In Japan

Nissin Energy Cup Noodle-ONLINE-1

We resort to sugary energy drinks such as Redbull or Monster Energy to keep ourselves awake, but I’ve always disliked the sweetness of those drinks. With Nissin’s newly released Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle, there’s finally a savoury alternative to boost our energy.

The miso-based pork stock with ginger and garlic in the new cup noodle contains amino acid arginine and the vitamin niacin (vitamin B3), which are ingredients found in energy drinks. In addition, the cup noodle contains pork, cabbage, red pepper and egg, to ensure that you’ll be full.

Retailing at 205 yen (approximately S$2.60), the Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle is available in supermarkets and stores all across Japan. I think it’ll be a big hit in Singapore so hopefully it reaches our shores soon, but in the meantime, anybody going to Japan?

Expected damage: 205 yen (approximately S$2.60)

Nissin Miso Ginger Energy Cup Noodle: Available from March 2017 onwards in supermarkets across Japan