Nothing Special SG — We’re living for these hilarious collaterals by an Instagram granola store

Like you, we’re absolutely all cheesed out with hand-lettered fonts and highly curated marketing. So when an online shop like Nothing Special comes along, its meme-like collaterals are truly a breath of fresh air.

At first glance, you’d be quick to dismiss it as a meme account or satire page but upon deeper digging, you’ll realise that it’s actually an Instagram shop selling homemade granola that, quite frankly, looks delicious.

A bowl of granola with bananas and strawberries
Credit – Nothing Special | Instagram

I’m not sure about you, but I’m loving the no-holds-barred, brutally honest branding going on with Nothing Special—I mean, if that wasn’t already clear enough from their namesake. Under their highlights, which most Instagram shops make use of to archive customer testimonials and other important information, Nothing Special has very befittingly named their respective highlights “return jar how?” and “ppl say nice..”, once again demonstrating how perfectly all-encompassing and efficient Singlish can be, truly nailing that maximum yield and maximum effort mantra that many Singaporeans hold near and dear.

Cover image for Nothing Special's Instagram post
Credit – Nothing Special | Instagram

The account’s very first post explains the burning question on everyone’s minds; why the name? Because they just are nothing special, lor. In an honest but hilarious confession, the account explains that “novel things that are happening in the food scene has already happened in some different version in the past,” and that the account doesn’t try to be anything that it is not.

“I started nothing special as a way to support myself, but also to make peace with the ordinary, boring, consistent and loving way that I make food,” writes the owner behind Nothing Special. We don’t stan anything harder than an authentic, genuine champion.

Instagram post from Nothing Special
Credit – Nothing Special | Instagram

The granola sold at Nothing Special comes in a few flavours, but its latest addition is the JSGJackfruit, Strawberry, Goji Berry which goes at S$21 per jar because, to quote the owner, strawberry is expensive. We don’t blame them, it’s imperative to make those coins and strawberries are truly somehow always so pricey.

There’s also the Gingerbread Granola (S$23 per jar) and Classic Granola (S$20 per jar), and if you’re a returning customer, send your jars back in for a S$3 discount off your order. Who said doing the environment some good and saving money couldn’t co-exist?

If you’d like to see what’s so special about Nothing Special, you may place your orders here. Let us know what you think about the granola; we’d love to try some too.