OH MY MANGO: Treat Yourself To Bingsu, Thick Toast & More At This Thai Dessert Bar In Jurong West

Thai desserts have really made their mark in Singapore, with Thai Milk Tea and Mango Sticky Rice stands popping up at most carnivals or night markets. Now, people living in the West can get their sticky rice fix at OH MY MANGO, located in Gek Poh Shopping Centre.

Oh My Mango 1

You’ll spot it in a corner of the shopping centre, and the space caters to about 30 people, with indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Oh My Mango 2

The seating area is separated from the counter and kitchen by a wall, which means that you’ll have to step out to order and then return to wait for your food to be served.

The menu carries a wide array of items ranging from sweet to savoury toasts, bingsus, as well as a number of drinks. Given our line of work, of course we had to try at least one of every type of food on the menu.

Oh My Mango 3

First up was the Thai Milk Tea Toast ($9.90), which comes with thick Shibuya toast, Thai milk tea ice cream, and cookie crumbs.

The ice cream was very fragrant and while Thai milk tea has a reputation of being laden with condensed milk, this rendition of the beverage was not overly sweet while still being very milky.

Oh My Mango 9

The toast was buttered with salted butter, providing some contrast with the sweet ice cream. It was crispy on the outside, and incredibly soft and chewy on the inside.

Portion-wise, the Thai Milk Tea Toast was substantial, and was the perfect size for sharing if you’re getting other desserts in addition to it. However, if you’re planning to finish this off by yourself, it may be a little too filling.

Oh My Mango 4

We just had to try the Tom Yum Goong Toast ($6.90), which was an unusual take on the Shibuya toast. Out of all the items we ordered, this was the one I was excited about the most.

Oh My Mango 13

The toast itself was thinner than the Thai Milk Tea Toast, and had a slightly soggy top due to the sauce used. To my disappointment, the toast did not smell much like Tom Yum, and tasted more like a spicy pizza toast than anything else.

What I liked about the toast though, was that it was sufficiently spicy. It tasted sweet and mild at first, but then the spice built up to become the shiok spicy without crossing the line to become the burning kind of spicy.

Oh My Mango 7

Moving on from the toasts, we had the Fresh Mango Bingsu ($13.90), which uses Thai honey mangoes, and shaved milk ice. Although the shaved milk ice was not as powdery as other Korean versions, it had the same smooth mouthfeel.

The bingsu came with a small cup of sweetened milk, which we thought wasn’t needed as the mangoes themselves were already so sweet. Add at your discretion!

Oh My Mango 10

The large bingsu was topped with a scoop of ice cream which tasted only faintly like mango. By itself, the ice cream was just average. But when eaten with the mangoes and shaved ice, the combination was out of this world.

If I were to compare regular Korean bingsus and the ones sold at OH MY MANGO, I’d definitely choose the latter, as it’s a lot more value for money.

Oh My Mango 6

The Mango Sticky Rice Frappe ($5.90) was my favourite item on the menu, and probably also the best Thai dessert beverage I’ve ever had. It consists of a sticky rice and coconut milk mixture at the bottom of the cup, and mango ice blend on top.

Oh My Mango 5

It was very difficult to get a sip of the drink initially, as the mango ice blend was thick and the sticky rice mixture was even thicker. However, after much poking and prodding, I managed to take that long-awaited sip.

I was super pleased with the beverage in my hand, as the contrast between the icy mango and the warm rice added a wow factor to regular mango sticky rice.

Oh My Mango 11

To end off our afternoon treat, we got the Coffee Cube Set ($6.90), which comes with cubes of frozen house made espresso blend, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a small pitcher of milk.

Oh My Mango 12

OH MY MANGO uses Brazilian coffee beans to make the espresso blend. The coffee was pretty strong and fragrant, and I liked that it wasn’t too acidic. Having said that, it was a little too strong for me, so unless you can really tank your coffee, I’d suggest getting some of the other beverages.

Not all the items at OH MY MANGO were mind-blowingly amazing, but the sweet treats there were without a doubt, above average. We left the dessert bar that day with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

If you happen to be in the West, pop down and get your Thai dessert fix!

Expected damage: $10 – $15 per pax

OH MY MANGO: #01-334, 762 Jurong West Street 75, Singapore 640762 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Daily) | Tel: +65 9066 0426 | Facebook