Old Chang Kee releases Chilli Crab Sauce with Mantou for National Day

Our nation’s beloved snack franchise Old Chang Kee is releasing a uniquely Singapore special snack, which was inspired by Singapore’s famous Chilli Crab dish. From 15 July to 31 August 2022, customers will be able to purchase Old Chang Kee’s Chilli Crab Sauce with Fried Mantou.

OCK - Chilli Crab Sauce with Fried Mantou
Credit – Old Chang Kee

Chilli Crab Sauce with Fried Mantou (S$4 per cup) comes with four pieces of fried mantou that has delicious chilli crab sauce drizzled over. To have extra sauce, top up S$1, and to have the sauce in a separate container, top up S$0.50.

OCK - Dipping fried mantou into chilli crab sauce
Credit – Old Chang Kee

The Chilli Crab Sauce is a special house sauce that is sweet, savoury and has a hint of spiciness. The mantou, also known as chinese steamed buns, are fried till they are golden brown. This results in a crispy exterior with an airy and fluffy interior which makes for the perfect bite.

This combination of Chilli Crab Sauce and Fried Mantou is well-loved and well-received by Singaporeans, thus Old Chang Kee’s decision to release this delicious Grab-and-Go snack.

Since 1956, Old Chang Kee has been been serving Singaporeans delectable quick bites such as Curry Puffs, Chicken Wings, Fishballs, and much more. With over 70 Old Chang Kee outlets in Singapore, fans of the brand will be able to get these at any of the 73 outlets around the island!

Additionally, the delectable goodie will also be available on delivery platforms such as Foodpanda, Deliveroo and GrabFood. It is also Halal-certified, so all will be able to enjoy it! I have to say that I’m a little iffy about crab-less chilli crab sauce, so I’ll be definitely going to a nearby Old Chang Kee to give this snack a taste.

As it is only available for a short period of time, do head down before it’s gone.

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