Limited edition Christmas lapis log cake with 365 days rum soaked fruits at Ollella

If you find traditional log cakes a thing of the past, and would like something unique for dessert at your Christmas party this year, why not check out Ollella? They’ve released a limited edition log cake rolled out of their signature kueh lapis— how cool is that?

ollella christmas offerings - kueh lapis log cake

Available from 7 to 24 Dec 2022, the 365 Days Rum Soaked Fruit Lapis Roll (S$48) features layers of decadent kueh lapis made using Dutch butter (known for its unique flavour and aroma) rolled together with preserved fruits, raisins, apricots and cherries which are soaked in rum-filled barrels for an entire year!

Each slice of the lapis roll hits you with the fragrant perfumed butter, followed by caramel notes exuding from the rum-infused fruits which mimic a festive fruit cake— be warned, they’re super addictive.

ollella christmas offerings - christmas cookies

To provide some nibbles at the games table or a gift exchange session, the eggless Ollella Deluxe Christmas Cookie Tin (S$48) will impress your guests. With its sexy festive red tin, royal blue ribbon and mini festive wreath decor, it can also double up as an exquisite Christmas gift.

It contains about 52 pieces of assorted cookies which consists of cranberry pistachio melty buttons, gluten-free roasted almond & peanut gula Jawa brittle, matcha sesame, sea salt double dark chocolate and silvered almond squares.

ollella christmas offerings - christmas cookies closeup

The cranberry pistachio melty buttons feature sweet bursts of cranberries and nutty pistachio, encased in a buttery cookie. The sea salt double dark chocolate has tiny bursts of fudgy chocolate baked in a rich chocolatey cookie which will satisfy chocolate fans.

The matcha sesame has delicate notes of green tea infused with smoky black sesame while the silvered almond squares has satisfying crunchy almond flakes which match the buttery pastry so well.

My favourite is the roasted almond & peanut gula Jawa brittle, which was a bitter sweet and nutty slab of deliciousness!

The cookies are all made using only premium French butter, Lescure.

ollella christmas offerings - christmas offerings packaging

Do note that all the above mentioned items are available in limited quantities as they are handmade with the most premium ingredients.

Check out Ollella’s Christmas offerings here.

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