Pamper Yourself With An Onsen Gastronomy Tour In Japan This Year-End 2019

Japan has been a popular destination for travellers over the past few years. They are widely known not only for their good food but beautiful natural landmarks as well. Making full use of that, Walk Japan, the pioneers of walking tours in Japan, has collaborated with ANA to plan two Onsen Gastronomy Tour series.

Guests can not only rest and relax in Japan’s healing hot springs but also indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine. Both tours are fully-guided, so guests can leave everything in their guides’ hands and immerse themselves in the experience.

Onsen Gastronomy Online 4
Credit – Walk Japan

The first tour would be Onsen Gastronomy: Gifu & Nagano (JPY 298,000 per pax), which will be held from the 16 Oct to 20 Oct 2019. Guests will visit central Gifu and western Nagano areas.

These prefectures are largely remote with mountain ranges, deep valleys and high plateaus. Guests will be guided for a stroll as they learn about the life and history of this secluded, yet beautiful countryside.

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Credit – Walk Japan

Not only will you be able to relax in soothing onsen hot springs fuelled by sacred volcanoes, but you’ll also have a chance to savour mouth-watering local dishes too.

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Credit – Walk Japan

The second tour would be Onsen Gastronomy: Oita & Kumamoto (JPY 278,000 per pax), which will be held from 12 Nov to 16 Nov 2019. Guests will visit Oita and north-east Kumamoto, both located in the centre of Kyushu.

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Credit – Walk Japan

Similarly, guests will be able to relax in one onsen to another in the lovely countryside, enjoying authentic Japanese delicacies with stays in classic Japanese ryokan inns.

Onsen hot springs are one of Japan’s largest attractions, loved for their relaxing and restorative powers. And of course, you can never go wrong with delectable Japanese cuisine!

If you have any plans in the making to travel to Japan either in October or November this year, the Onsen Gastronomy Tour series may be something you want to partake in for an indulgent experience.

Dates & times: 16 Oct to 20 Oct 2019 for Gifu & Nagano & 12 Nov to 16 Nov 2019 for Oita & Kumamoto

Prices:  JPY 298,000 & JPY 278,000 respectively