OPPA Chicken: Singapore Korean Fried Chicken Review

 Don’t worry, OPPA has the answer to your chicken woes.

OPPA Chicken Front (11 of 11)

OPPA Chicken is a Korean fried chicken restaurant franchise that opened early 2015. The boss, Debbie Wu, personally flew to Korea to learn the recipes and skills to making great fried chicken first-hand from the Korean OPPA counterpart themselves.

Recipes are franchised from Korea, so you can be ensured of OPPA Chicken’s authentic flavour.

What exactly is ‘oppa’ 오빠?  It’s a formal Korean term used by females for calling older brothers or senior male friends. Males can’t use it though despite how cute the term sounds.

Located along the bustling southbridge road, its easy to get some yummy fried chicken during lunch break from work.

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The interior of OPPA Chicken gives you a sense of familiarity with industrial concrete walls and simple wooden chairs and tables. They have a relatively large dining space that can accommodate bigger groups and private events.

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With many Korean fried chicken restaurants burgeoning around the island of Singapore, OPPA Chicken seeks to differentiate themselves from their competition with some special flavours.

OPPA chicken is the first Korean Fried Chicken Joint in Singapore to specialise in Honey Garlic flavour, the boss’ personal favourite. Other stalls normally concentrate on yangnyum or the normal whole fried chicken.

OPPA Chicken Signature Garlic Soy 2.0 (1 of 1)

OPPA Chicken’s Signature Honey Garlic Wings (S: $13.90, M: $22.90, L: $38.90)

This fried chicken that is marinated for 8 hours in honey caramel glaze with lightly sauteed chopped garlic has a sweet, powerful fragrance, great for garlic lovers.

The crispy skin soaks up ample sweet and savoury glaze while the generous topping of chopped garlic provides a contrasting crunch and distinct flavour.

OPPA Chicken YangNyums(8 of 11)

YangNyum chicken and Flaming YangNyum chicken ($13.90).

OPPA Chicken’s second best flavour is the YangNyum flavoured chicken. Their rendition of this classic sweet and spicy sauce has a notable hint of herbs and come in three spicy levels with the flaming YangNyum being the spiciest.

Be Warned! The Flaming YangNyum lives up to its name indeed. The spiciness level has been further intensified the past few weeks due to customers’ demands for a good kick. Seems Singaporeans can’t do without their chili eh.

The deep redness of the sauce was proportional to the spiciness of it; I suffered minutes of fiery pain and felt like my taste buds committed suicide. If you’re a high level spicy lover who enjoys the high spicy levels from Sunset grill, you’ll enjoy this.

Try the classic Yangnyum instead if you prefer your chicken to be sweeter and non-murderous.

OPPA Chicken Ddokbokki (1 of 1)

Toppoki ($6.90)

OPPA Chicken claims that their Topokki has the BEST sauce in Singapore as they sourced for the most outstanding recipe and ingredients directly from Korea.

OPPA’s Toppoki has a flavourful sauce and rice cakes cooked to the right chewiness; indeed a reminiscence of the authentic snack. Pretty affordable for a tidbit of authentic Korea. levels.

If you can’t do spicy, don’t worry OPPA’s got your back! OPPA Chicken offers 3 different levels of spiciness for their rice cakes to cater to consumers of different spice level intake – An excellently inclusive move.

OPPA Chicken Garlic Soy

OPPA Chicken’s Garlic Soy wings (S: $13.90, M: $22.90, L: $38.90)

Another classic Korean Fried Chicken flavour, the Garlic Soy was crispy and thoroughly seasoned. Might be a bit on the heavier seasoning side for some, but I enjoyed it.

In view of the festive season, OPPA Chicken has some exclusive Christmas addition to their menu for December 2015.

Their Christmas 2015 Specials include:

OPPA Chicken water melon Soju(4 of 11)

Watermelon Soju ($37.90).

An interesting presentation of the popular Watermelon Soju in a DIY watermelon tap. Too lazy to scoop out soju infused watermelon with a ladle? Simply flip on the tap. The watermelon flesh has already been blended and filtered so drinking is an ease.

This Watermelon Soju is part of their Christmas menu priced at $37.90. (the watermelon would be larger than the one shown in the picture which is only the sample size).

OPPA Chicken Rainbow Pomegranate Soda(7 of 11)

OPPA Chicken Rainbow Pomegranate Soda Pop ($5.50).

Rainbow Soda Pops come in 3 different flavours – Blueberry, Plum and Pomegranate in funky little bags.

Similar to their current blueberry and plum soda, the pomegranate soda has red vinegar in its fruit syrup. This salubrious red vinegar, imported from Korea, aids with digestion.

It is sweet and slightly sour, similar to our local sour plum drink.
A refreshing complement to all the hot fried chicken you’ll devour.

What’s more? OPPA Chicken is in the Spirit of Giving!

OPPA Chicken Christmas Giveaway(10 of 11)

OPPA Chicken’s Giveaway tree.
For every $10 spent at OPPA Chicken, you get 1 point. You can redeem prizes with your points, even with just 1 point! So it is a sure win and not a lucky draw gimmick.
Combine your receipts with friends to redeem bigger prizes with more points. Prizes are all imported Korean products, including Happy Call pans, Pressure Cookers, Woks and various silicone utensil products. Terms and Conditions apply.
Do check out OPPA Chicken’s facebook site for more details. And if you ever get hungry at work, they provide delivery services within the CBD as well.
OPPA Chicken always got your (chicken craving) back! Authentic recipe and pretty affordable pricing makes OPPA quite a good choice for korean fried chicken.

OPPA Chicken: 274 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058823 | Tel: +65 62215217 | Facebook

*This post was brought to you in partnership with OPPA Chicken