Get A Taste Of Summer With New Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola Now Available In The USA

Those who love variety and trying out new things, this will definitely interest you. After 12 long years, Coca-Cola has finally launched a brand new flavour: Orange Vanilla.

Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola Online 1

The innovation team from Coca-Cola in North America had other alternatives in mind such as raspberry, lemon and ginger. However, they finally settled on Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola.

Why Orange Vanilla? They wanted people to reminisce their good ol’ carefree summer days. This combination of orange and vanilla makes you think of creamy orange popsicles, a common childhood treat.

This new drink is available in both Coke and Coke Zero Sugar too.

Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola Online 3

Those who got to try the drink had mostly positive reviews.

Strikingly similar to a creamsicle in liquid form, the vanilla added a touch of creaminess and sweetness, while the orange added a nice subtle tang. However, the regular version had a stronger orange flavour while the zero sugar version tasted more like vanilla.

Personally, my favourite variant of Coca-Cola is vanilla. If this comes to Singapore, I would definitely want to try it!

Dates & Times: Now available in the USA

Prices: TBC