Paint your dessert and eat it too, with Painted Treats’ tabletop dessert kits

Last Updated: June 4, 2021

Written by Ariel C.

Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food when you were younger? Well, look who’s got the last laugh now, mom. With this kit, you can have fun with an artsy activity that coincidentally happens to look and taste good at the same time. Splat Paint House has newly launched Painted Treats, which allows both young and old to embrace their inner Van Goghs whilst enjoying a tasty dessert afterwards.

Whether you’re in charge of planning a stay-home date night activity, or you want to take advantage of the crowded house by introducing some family bonding activities, Painted Treats is perfect for all stay-home aspiring master chefs who want to flex both their artistic and eating skills.

Aptly named Dessert-Scape, Painted Treats offers a variety of kits based on the number of participants—Petite (S$60) for 1-2 pax, Regular (S$85) or Medium (S$115) for 3-4 pax, Family (S$145) for 5-6 pax and Grand (S$200) for 8 pax. This Dessert-Scape kit is perfect for a quirky post-dinner dessert experience that is likely to either end up looking like an Instagram-worthy masterpiece or a perfect replica of a Jackson Pollock painting. So, a win nonetheless.

Painted Treats’ Dessert Scape is a curated seasonal selection of both fruity and chocolate flavours that will upgrade your dessert experience. Every kit contains the “Centrepiece”, consisting of cheesecake with edible gold flakes and double chocolate walnut brownies, and the “Paint”, made of yellow passionfruit coconut, sour cherry white chocolate, and sea salt caramel.

To give your dessert that extra oomph factor, every kit also comes with a “Surprise” of petit fours, dragonfruit, and coco-nutty crunch. Top it all off with the “Glitter”, a colourful combination of chocolate shards and rainbow sprinkles.

Painted Treats currently offers islandwide delivery, as well as courier and self-pickup options so that it will be easy and convenient for you to inject a little bit of sugar, colour, and laughter into an otherwise mediocre day at home.

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Painted Treats by Splat Paint House

207a Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574346


Painted Treats by Splat Paint House

207a Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574346

Telephone: +65 8882 0839
Telephone: +65 8882 0839
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