5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Paradise Group Membership

When I think of Chinese cuisine, I sometimes get confused as to which dishes belong to which region, and to me, I believe it is the beauty of the cuisine itself. Their flavour profiles can range from salty to sweet, to sour and spicy and even bitter.

With 12 brands to the Paradise Group‘s name, there are more than enough reasons to get a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine with them.

They boast a total of 30 outlets in Singapore itself, and to celebrate their sixth anniversary in 2017, they are offering attractive reasons to become a Paradise Gourmet Rewards (PGR) member.

Given amazing food is more than enough reason, I’ll try and make the decision effortless for those who are still on the fence with my five reasons why you should sign for the PGR membership today.

1. PGR Members Can Earn And Use P$ To Off-Set Their Bill On The Next Visit

Paradise Group Singapore Membership

The Teochew Styled Roasted Suckling Pig ($188 for dine-in, $228 for takeaway) is presented whole, and with skin that crispy, you’ll be wishing they offered pig skin crackers as a to-go snack.

Perfect for sharing with five to eight people, and I was informed that this is a popular choice as a complement to Paradise Teochew‘s selection of congee.

Members earn 10% rebate off their regular-priced food bill (which can be used as P$ for future meals). Members also earn double P$ during their birthday months, which for me, means getting to enjoy tantalising Teochew cuisine for my special day.

2. PGR Members Earn An Extra 2.5% Of P$ When Paying With A Maybank Credit or Debit Card

Paradise Group Singapore Membership 2

It is a true Asian comfort food to be served congee when you feel like having something soothing. The Minced Pork and Conpoy Teochew Congee ($7.80) is seasoned lightly, with a very savoury broth that’s enough to satiate even the most die-hard fans of grandmother’s recipe.

The minced pork is aromatic, giving the bowl a nostalgic, homemade vibe. Need a reason to add this to your order? If you’re a current PGR member and pay using a Maybank Credit or Debit Card, you’ll get to earn additional 2.5% P$.

3. Pay Only $30 To Become A PGR Member

Paradise Group Singapore oyster omelette

I personally love eggs. I love my eggs any way I can get it, and Teochew Paradise’s Teochew Style Pan-fried Oyster Omelette ($18) is an egg-cellent complement to the congee. Filled with generous chunks of oyster, I truly appreciate how thin the omelette is.

I highly recommend ordering this, and with little worry about hurting your wallet, because the value is fully redeemable when non-members join the membership for only $30. So, offset a portion of your bill just by signing up today!

4. PGR Members Receive Yearly Rewards Just For Being Members

Paradise Group Singapore Membership 3

Besides being obviously healthy for you, vegetables can also be surprisingly delicious when done right. In this case, the Braised Mustard Greens with Shredded Conpoy and Shrimp Roe ($18 for small, $27 for medium and $32 for large) is all kinds of validation.

The light broth is good enough for me to drink it like soup (where are my manners?), while the mustard greens retain their crunchiness. The shrimp roe adds a dash of saltiness and makes the entire dish almost umami-esque.

Topping off this sweet dish are the sweet rewards PGR members get to receive.

This year, in celebration of its 6th anniversary, PGR members were rewarded with two e-vouchers which entitled members to $20 off a minimum spend of $40, and another $50 off a minimum spend of $100. It’s almost like an early year-end bonus!

5. PGR Members Get Exclusive Invites To Events

Paradise Group Singapore Membership tao suan

End your feast on a sweet note, with a refreshing bowl of Tau Suan With Gingko ($4). I say refreshing because it really felt like it aided digestion, and cleansed the palate.

If you’re wondering why anyone would order Tau Suan in a restaurant, all I can say is, you haven’t tasted the one at Teochew Paradise yet.

With that, my last reason for why you should join Paradise Group’s membership program is probably the best; members will occasionally get invites to free tastings, culinary classes and even food trails.

The perks of the Paradise Gourmet Rewards program speaks for itself with the multitude of benefits that members reap. There are few membership programs out there which offer such great rewards, including inviting members out for food walks and tastings.

With that said, in my books, if you’re looking for a loyalty program to be a part of, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

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*This post was brought to you in partnership with the Paradise Group.