Sembawang pasar malam with over 14 stalls & carnival rides open till 1 Jan 2023

Spend the last few nights of 2022 at Sembawang Pasar Malam located beside Sun Plaza at the entrance of Sembawang MRT Station you really can’t miss it. It will operate from 16 Dec 2022 till 1 Jan 2023.

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Exterior Shot

This pasar malam finally saw the light of night after being cancelled twice. It’s not a small affair, either, but similar in scale to Singapore’s largest pasar malam held in Woodlands (which is still ongoing).

You can expect to find all the usual pasar malam offerings with around 10 retail stalls that range from selling pre-packed durian to mobile accessories. There are also 5 amusement rides and inflated balloons to revel in the carnival-like atmosphere.

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Games Sembawang Pasar Malam - Rides 1 Sembawang Pasar Malam - Rides 2

Unfortunately, rain has just passed when I went down, and most of the rides had ceased operations for a bit. I saw bumper cars, a mini Viking and a roller coaster. Luckily, I got the chance to enjoy the indoor section which featured familiar carnival games such as shoot-the-cans and claw machines. I spent a fair time in there!

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Bangkok Halal Thai Street Food

As usual, it was a struggle to find newer stalls but I found Bangkok Halal Thai Street Food which I’d never seen before at a pasar malam. Here, you can find an array of familiar Thai food such as Phad Thai (S$8), Thai Banana Pancake (S$6), Sua Rong Hai (S$9) which is sliced barbecued beef accompanied by a nam jim dipping sauce, and of course Tom Yum Noodle (S$8).

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Carrot Cubes

I also came upon Carrot Cubes, a stall selling freshly-made carrot cake. You have your regular options like White Carrot Cake (S$5) and Black Carrot Cake (S$5). Then, you can get a bit adventurous and try out their Bacon Carrot Cake (S$7) and Hottie Carrot Cake (S$6)

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Sweet Potato Ball

Those looking to munch on something whilst waiting in queue for the rides can try out the goodies at Sweet Potato Ball. It offers a decent amount of snacks: Sweet Potato Ball (10 for S$5), Sweet Corn (S$2.50), Banana Nugget (S$3.50), Twisted Potato (S$3.50) and Fried Oreo (S$3).

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Ah Moi Thai Tea

The ever-present Ah Moi Thai Tea is again a reliable option to soothe any parched throat with Thai milk tea flavours such as Green Tea, Corn, Winter Melon and Grape. I chose the Medium Grape (S$4) flavoured tea and though it tasted exactly what I imagined a grape milk tea would taste like, the flavours didn’t really gel.

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Street Wok by Maktoks Kitchen

Sembawang Pasar Malam - Kway Teow Kerang Lechak

I had the Kway Teow Kerang Lechak (S$7) from Street Wok by Maktoks Kitchen for dinner. Be prepared to wait around 10-15 minutes for your dish to be ready. It was a rather huge portion with a generous amount of cockles and prawns, and was delightfully spicy too. This stall also sells other dishes like Laksa Lemak (S$7) and Mee Cili Betawi (S$7)

Do pop over if you get the chance— it’s worth the trip.

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