Patbingsoo Korean Dining House: Get Your Fix Of Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs & Bingsoo Galore At Plaza Singapura


While there may be an abundance of Korean restaurants and dessert houses, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House proves to be distinguishable from the rest. Located at the basement of Plaza Singapura, this eatery serves everything from savoury mains to unique renditions of sweet shaved ice desserts.


If this unit looks familiar, it’s probably because this space used to be where the aquarium shop used to be, those who frequent Plaza Singapura will know what I’m talking about. Encircling the escalator, the dining house opts for an open dining concept where customers can enjoy their meals in a fuss-free setting.


Labelled as a signature item on their menu, we absolutely had to try the Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs ($38.90). Served on a bed of crunchy cabbages alongside a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese, the succulent pork ribs came in a traditional iron-cast pan.


Offered in two renditions, we opted for the spicy gochujang version instead of the non-spicy as we preferred the former. This set is also accompanied by a side of corn, fries, pineapple cubes and a slab of garlic mayonnaise.


The cheese is mixed around in the hot pan and melted using a “slapping” technique that is said to be unique to the dining house.


This induces a stringy texture of cheese that is then rolled around the individual pieces of pork ribs several times.


And, there you have it, an absolutely decadent spicy and cheesy pork rib. Given the hefty price tag, I was honestly expecting a larger variety of sides or perhaps more pieces of pork ribs. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that this is still a great dish for cheese and meat lovers.


We were told that the House Special Ramyeon ($11.90) is another must-try on the menu so we had a go at it. And well, we were sorely disappointed because there was nothing particularly outstanding about this one.


In fact, it tasted like any regular bowl of instant noodles that could very easily be whipped up at home. The kimchi soup base did not do this any justice either. The only redeeming factor was the chunks of spam that managed to absorb some of the broth.


Known for their wide array of bingsoo offerings, one that stood out to us was the Sinsa Patbingsoo ($14.90). Served in half a rock melon, this was certainly an innovative take on the conventional bingsoo dessert.


Pry open the melon slices to find a generous amount of toppings encased within. Ingredients like cornflakes, red bean, nata de coco and vanilla ice cream are topped over the finely shaved ice, and were an absolute delight to have.


Pour some condensed milk over the dessert to add an extra ounce of sweetness for maximum enjoyment. Priced cheaper than most bingsoo outlets, this would be the perfect way to end your dinner.


With ever the sweet tooth, we had to go for yet another bingsoo on the menu. Aptly named Bibim Patbingsoo ($11.90), the dessert is basically Patbingsoo disguised as a Bibimbab dish.

Cleverly executed, the “sunny side-up” is constructed using vanilla ice cream for the egg white and a peach for the yolk. Other fruits and jellies also serve to make up the “vegetables” in the bowl.


Douse this in the sweet strawberry sauce for extra sweetness and mix it around just as you would a Bibimbab. Mad props for the innovative bingsoo creation.

From savoury to sweet, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House certainly knows how to attract a large crowd of diners. It’s no surprise that a majority of their patrons are youths but with cheesy food options and creative bingsoo thrown into the mix, who could possibly resist?

Expected Damage: $25 per pax

Patbingsoo Korean Dining House, Plaza Singapura #B2-47, 68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839 | Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday (11.30am – 10pm), Friday & Saturday (11.30am – 10.30pm) | Tel: 9181 3038 | Website