5 Reasons Why Drinking Momo Juice is as Good as Being in Japan

Following the successful release of MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH’s first sensational product of the Select line, the refreshing Yuzu Juice, in 2011, they have created another premium juice fit for the sophisticated.

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH’s newest addition to their premium Select line is the Momo Juice. In case you didn’t know what Momo 桃 means, it is a white peach cultivated in Japan.

Japanese peaches are not just the ordinary yellow flesh peaches one finds easily, but quality white peaches packed with luscious translucent flesh and sweet juices. A premium peach that glows rosily like a newly wed bride, captivates with luscious white flesh and brimming with sweet nectar that finds its way into your heart.

If you want to experience a taste of Japan, why not sip on this exquisite juice that will give you the same ephemeral feelings almost as if you were transported to the land of sakuras. Here’s why.

1.  Momo juice is made using white peaches from Japan

MARIGOLD Momo Juice-1380

Made from the finest selected peaches to give only the best Japanese peach juice to you.

As you already know MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH doesn’t just choose any ordinary ingredients, they select the finer of the bulk. In fact, they even go a step further to ensure their peaches are procured directly from Japan so you know you’re getting the real deal.

The peaches consumed commonly in Singapore are off-the-mill Western Yellow fleshed peaches, whilst momo juice uses exclusive, creme de la creme of peaches – white fleshed Japanese Momo もも, from the Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan.

Drinking this juice, you’ll taste the characteristic sweet fruit nectar of Japanese peaches and feel the loving luscious sensation of it glide down your throat. Yes, it tastes that different.

2. Subtle & sweet wholesome flavour embraces your tastebuds like how first love embraces you

Peel Fresh_Momo Juice (1 of 2)

As mentioned, these peaches are as memorable as your first love, it might have turned out bad but you’ll always look back nostalgically, lovingly, more often than not, admiring it as something you’d yearn to relive. It is something you pitch all your love against. Momo juice is that comforting loving drink.

Momo juice is not tart or cutting, it is subtly sweet and wholesome like many of our first loves. Its subtle taste coupled with its thick yet gentle consistency reminds one of a safe place – the first pair of arms you fell in love as they embraced you and whisked you away from the troubles of the world.

It is pink and dainty like the shy first love. Who should take the first step? Oh eye contact makes you both blush like idiots. And a pinkish blush is exactly the colour of quality momos in season.

So smitten by your first love eyes, looking into a glass of momo juice is that similar.

3. Made with the same Premium quality Japan is so known for

Peel Fresh_Momo Juice (2 of 3)

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Momo juice is made from pure Japanese peach puree from the Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Every drop high in Vitamins A, C and E, every sip charms you with the true taste of Japan – authentic and unforgettable.

Yamanashi Prefecture is especially famed for its sweetest Japanese momo due to its climate; long hours of sunshine and little rainfall. Its climate is probably the most optimal for momo cultivation hence, it is the largest prefecture for momo cultivation in Japan.

So rest assured, these peaches are grown in an ideal environment taken care by professionals – Japanese farmers who follow strict farming procedures to produce the highest quality peaches. Like the university that produces the most lawyers, you’d trust them no?

Packed with nutrients and cultivated by the best – quality is assured.

4. Beautiful like Sakura blossoms falling gracefully

Peel Fresh_Momo Juice 2.0 (1 of 1)

Close your eyes, smell this nectar emanating from the glass of juice and take a sip of it. As the sweet dense liquid slides down your throat, one can feel the soft wave of love and comfort.

In a matter of seconds, it is as if momo juice teleported you to Nara Park, Chidorigafuchi or one of your favourite cherry blossom watching spots. The light taste of momo peach juice is as beautiful as the gentle falling of pink flower petals .

Ahhhhh how serene.

5.  Great accompaniment to Japanese snacks

Peel Fresh_Momo Juice (2 of 2)

With a lightly refreshing honeyed taste, Momo juice pairs superbly well with savoury Japanese snacks like Sushi, Senbei (seasoned rice crisps), Wasabi peas, Nori etc.

The sweetness and fruitiness contrasts savoury snacks, balancing them both so you get a satisfying wholesome treat!

As this juice is light and refreshing, it will not clash with your favourite snacks. In fact, it is even a little palate cleanser or appetite stimulator. Impressive how it not only tastes great but works flexibly as well.

Even though Japanese peaches are only in season from June to August, you can taste them all year round with MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH’s Momo Juice.  If you belong to the group of people bored of the same old juices on the shelves of supermarkets, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH‘s Select line has brought in 2 uncommon fruits – the Yuzu and Momo for you.

Peel Fresh_Momo Juicesizes (1 of 1)

Conveniently stocked at supermarkets, you can grab their juices on-the-go easily, to quench your thirsty, your curious palate and subconscious desire to relive your first love.

The Select range of juices are priced at $1.30 for 250ml on-the-go pack, $3.25 for 1L, pack and $6.10 for 1.89L take-home pack.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Peel Fresh.