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a collage of homely pot's ingredients

When the second round of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) dining restrictions were announced, I wondered if hotpot joints beloved by Singaporeans would take the hardest hit, especially since delivering the whole cooking and experience to one’s doorstep seemed like a Herculean feat. I was quickly proven wrong whilst compiling a list of hotpot and mookata deliveries, though the thought of gas stoves, food preparation, and washing a mountain of utensils afterwards gave me pause.

It took one afternoon for HomelyPot to prove me wrong in that regard through an unexpected convenience that’s quite unbeatable, especially if you’re pampering yourself with your favourite meal.

a selection of homely pot's ingredients

What I tried

mushroom soup in hotpot

Unlike most hotpot and steamboat establishments, HomelyPot offers customers the option of purchasing an Individual Set Meal (S$48.80+), with a curated variety of ingredients and a main meat selection of your preference. If you’re a fan of the strong herbal flavours of a comforting bowl of bak kut teh, I promise you won’t go wrong with their Wild Mushroom Soup (a la carte S$8.80). It’s comforting, familiar, and perfect for late dinners on rainy evenings.

thin cut mutton slice from homelypot

Homely Pot surprised me with how the initial savouriness went through a mini upgrade after a quick dunk of thin Mutton Slices (a la carte S$8.80), which in return, absorbed the soup’s spiced, herbal taste perfectly. Definitely a solid win-win situation, if I’ve ever seen one.

Homelypot 12

I do wish that the soup exuded significantly less oil than it did while boiling, but it’s easy to circumvent this by adding some instant noodles to the boiling broth. Between you and me? It’s worth going back for a second serving.

chu chicken collagen soup

If you’re a collagen soup fan who frequents hotpot joints just for this creamy broth, opt for the CHU Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (a la carte S$18), currently in collaboration with HomelyPot. It’ll bring you a smooth concoction that thankfully falls on the thinner and less salty side, so you can enjoy the satisfaction without feeling overly jelak.

red grouper from homelypot

I found that pairing milder-tasting meat like the Red Grouper (a la carte S$19.80) with the collagen soup achieved a lightness that falls on the opposite end of the palate spectrum when compared with the more strident notes of the previous mutton and mushroom soup pairing. It all boils (yes, pun intended) down to personal preference, though lucky for you, HomelyPot’s individual sets mean that you don’t need to go along with the preferences of a majority a la usual hotpot meals. You can go all out with this cheat day, trust me on this.

homelypot's tomato soup

HomelyPot’s Fresh Tomato Soup (a la carte S$8.80) definitely stole the show for me. Slightly sour and unmistakably fragrant, this bright-red broth was my personal favourite. The best thing since sliced bread, in my opinion, is tomato soup, and HomelyPot put up a commendable fight. I’ve always preferred my tomato broths to fall on the thicker side, but the thinner consistency of this soup will definitely go a long way if you’re not trying to board the food coma express train immediately after lunch. 

homelypot a5 wagyu beef slice

What’s definitely worth writing home about is HomelyPot’s A5 Wagyu Beef Ribeye (S$68.80). I’ve always been a loyal fan of beef, so trust me when I say that the only reason why my jaw didn’t drop instantly was that the meat was melting perfectly in my mouth and leaving behind the most delightful of aftertastes.

Homely Pot 1

HomelyPot prioritises a hassle-free, convenient experience of digging into a hearty meal at home. Every Individual Set order comes with a free electrical pot for cooking, individually packaged ingredients, and a set of cutlery so that you can channel your energy into devouring a hot bowl of soup filled with a wide selection of meats and seafood.

Final thoughts

Homely Pot 8

Okay, you got me. Consider this article my stamp of approval on hotpot home deliveries, especially HomelyPot’s individual set meals. It’s perfect for your long-awaited ‘me time’—maybe even put on your favourite Netflix show while waiting for the food to cook. Unlike eateries that have designated collection time slots for their stoves and grills after they’re delivered, the all-encompassing individual sets mean that slower eaters can take their time and savour their meals, one juicy slice of meat at a time.

Readers will be able to enjoy a S$5 discount off all orders above S$5 with the promo code SETHLUI5OFF on their next order with a minimum spend of S$50. This promo code is valid until 31st December 2021 and can only be redeemed once per unique phone number. 

Expected damage: S$48.80+ per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with HomelyPot.

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