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Peperoni Pizzeria: XXL Pizzas To Pepper Up Your Parties Big Time

Last Updated: December 6, 2017

Written by Zac L

Peperoni pizzeria xxl pizza

Pizzas have long been the king of party foods — what’s not to love about these decadent cheesy and flavor-packed variety of toppings? To satisfy all you party animals, Peperoni takes all your merrymaking to a whole new level, and size, with its XXL pizzas ($55 each).

Yes! XXL, think extremely large 21 inch pizzas that could feed a village. Okay, maybe more like four to six people, or more if they are small eaters.

Peperoni XXL Pizzas

So we had an office party and these XXL pizzas from Peperoni Pizzeria were the best option to host our horde of guests. After all, where better to get volume and taste than these huge pizzas? One of the added features of these colossal delights is that you can have half-and-half of two different flavours for each pizza.

We had five pizzas, which means a whopping nine flavours (one was a single flavor) for a great mix of variety. So, here goes the list of pizza flavours that we had and loved.

Peperoni Portobello Funghi and Bacon Miele

To start things off, we had the Portobello Funghi and Bacon Miele (half-and-half). The Portobello Funghi is a new addition to the menu and we simply had to try it. The whiff of truffle oil will immediately whet your appetite and prepare you for the earthy Portobello flavour. While meat lovers will love the Bacon Meile option with its honey glazed bacon toppings and hints of fresh oregano.

Peperoni Proscuitto Crudo Di Parma

The Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (full) was a traditional Italian mix of parma ham and rocket salad. The slightly peppery and herby taste of the arugula is always a great match to the saltier cured meat beneath it. Needless to say, the parmesan cheese on top made everything simply divine. Our favourite, hence, getting it in full size to satiate our growling tummies.

Peperoni Fruitti Di Mare and Salmone

For a taste of briny oceanic flavours, we had a mix of the Fruitti Di Mare and Salmone (half-and-half). Everything to go ga-ga about seafood was in this pizza, from shellfish to chunks of salmon meats all sitting atop a layer of cheese and crispy dough.

Peperoni Margherita and Quatto Formaggi

Another really Italian tasting combination was the Margherita and Quattro Formaggi (half-and-half). The simplicity of the Margherita is not to be belittled, as it often dubbed as the legend of all Italian pizzas. The Quattro Formaggi is a must-try for all cheese lovers as you will get “Quattro” (four) times the amount of cheese here!

Peperoni Hawaiana and Saucisson

The Hawaiana and Saucisson (half-and-half) combination injected a taste of the modern American pizzas. Pineapple, ham, bell peppers, pepperoni, onions and roasted garlic are toppings often associated with pizza chains from the US, and you can be sure to get a load of it here.

If you are looking to upsize the fun in your office or home parties, Peperoni’s XXL pizzas are pretty hard to miss. Simply head down to the nearest Peperoni restaurant and take out some of these enormous treats that will leave your guest wanting for more.

For delivery, please refer to their website for a list of delivery zones that they are able to deliver to. Do note that these XXL pizzas are not available for delivery though, so you will have to carry them home yourself!

Expected Damage: $55 per XXL Pizza

Peperoni Pizzeria: List of Locations, Opening Hours and Contact Details | Website | Facebook


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