Home-grown brand, Petite Sew, sells quirky accessories upcycled from classic snacks like Calbee and Pocky

Are you the type who enjoys snacking so much it’s basically become a huge part of your personality? Don’t worry, you are not alone—there are tons of us snack-aholics that won’t hesitate to pledge our undying love to packets of Calbee Chips or Pocky. And if you’re like that, you would definitely want to check out the creations by homegrown label, Petite Sew.

While there have been tons of creative local-inspired bags like those based on the iconic merlion plastic bags, Petite Sew’s hand-crafted collection has a quirky modern edge that might appeal to many with our love for snacks—by fashioning bags from classic snack wrappers.

Petite Sew 1

While there are many playfully repurposed accessories you can find from Petite Sew’s wide catalogue, one of the most eye-catching has to be their Calbee Gift Tote (S$24.90) bags repurposed from the iconic Calbee Potato Chips packaging. They’ve welded together cotton and the chips’ packaging to create this snazzy piece that comes in different designs of Barbecue, Original, Hot Spicy, and Seaweed, letting you flaunt your favourite flavours to the public.

These upcycled totes are limited edition and some of them have sold out already so grab them fast! If not, you can also profess your adoration for Calbee by snagging one of the small Gift Pouch (S$13.90) that sees the packaging wrapped into a mini triangular pouch that can be easily stored.

Petite Sew 2

Other quirky upcycled snack items include Pocky Handphone Bags (S$19.90) that have the Pocky packaging embedded into them. These were designed to be the perfect everyday handphone bag that easily fits your phone, and contains a zipper slot for cards and essentials. Best of all it also has an adjustable shoulder sling so it doesn’t have to be too cumbersome to carry it!

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