Pezzo’s Pink Teriyaki Salmon Pizza: Try This New Flavour But Only For The Unique Colour

Pizzas, if anything, are certainly versatile. The dough is a clean slate, on which anything (as long as you dare try) can be placed, spread, sprinkled, or drizzled. So it isn’t surprising to see so many different variations of the traditional pizza.

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The newest addition to Pezzo‘s substantial list of unique pizza flavours (see Durian King and Trufflin’ Truffle Mushroom) is the Pink Teriyaki Salmon ($5.90 for a slice, $29.90 for the whole pizza). As a pizza fanatic, I needed to give this a try.

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So I went to the nearest Pezzo, and got myself a slice of this strange new concoction. The pizza has a thin, pink crust, and it is topped with cheese, Japanese cucumber, red onions, and of course the star of the show – Norwegian salmon. There was also a generous drizzle of teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

I can’t say for sure what I expected it to taste like, but it certainly wasn’t the fishy mess that I got. It was truly disappointing, especially since I’ve always been a fan of Pezzo.

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The salmon had an overwhelmingly fishy taste that was very unpleasant, while the teriyaki sauce was overly sweet. While there was quite a generous serving of salmon on my slice of pizza, trust me, it’s not something you want more of.

I found respite in the red onions and Japanese cucumber, which were refreshing and way more palatable than the salmon. Heck, I’d rather they leave out the salmon altogether and just have the onions and cucumber.

Of course, the fishy salmon could just be a one-time thing, so don’t let that deter you from trying it out. Who knows, perhaps if the salmon was fresher, this Pink Teriyaki Salmon pizza might be something you’d enjoy.

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Oh, and just to prove to you that the dough really is pink, here’s a picture of my half-eaten pizza. The pink colour is achieved by using basic pink food colouring, and just tasted like regular pizza dough. Quite disappointing, if you ask me.

Well, after this, all I can say is I wish I had gotten Pezzo’s Pepperoni Party instead. Just thinking about it now makes me feel a little sad. I guess aesthetics doesn’t always have to be the aim when it comes to food.

If you love pink and just want to give this combination a try, do it before 31 March 2018 because it’s only available till then!

Expected damage: $5.90 for a slice, $29.90 for a 14-inch pizza

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