Philly Shack: 52 Throat-Burning Hot Sauces To Have With Cheesesteaks & American Comfort Food At Clarke Quay

Last Updated: July 5, 2017

Written by Hosanna hon

philly shack singapore

For those who enjoy chilling near the Singapore River with your friends, great news! Philly Shack is situated in the heart of Clarke Quay and it serves a range of authentic American favourites such as the signature Philly Cheesesteak, burgers, wings and milkshakes.

philly shack singapore

The industrial interior combined with contemporary elements oozes warmth and cosiness, making Philly Shack a great place to gather with friends and colleagues over lunch and after-hours.

philly shack singapore

The diner offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to wind down from the heat while chowing your way through the heart-stopping food that’s to come.

philly shack singapore

The name “Philly Shack” is inspired by the Philadelphia cheesesteak, a sandwich made with thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak. And what’s Philly Shack without The Philly Cheesesteak Fully loaded ($19).

Consisting of sliced ribbed eye beef, caramelised onions, green bell peppers, sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos all packed into a soft housemade soft, pillow-y roll. I love how fluffy and soft the bun is, a great base to soak up the juices of the beef, mushrooms and cheese.

Now, don’t be all shy and use your hands to dig into the warm, buttery goodness.

philly shack singapore

The Philly Shack Burger ($20), uses 170gm of beef and is served with sweet potato fries.

The sweet potato fries was made to perfection; crisp on the outside and warm and naturally sweet on it inside, a definite must-try!


For meat lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that the beef is wrapped with bacon, creating a juicy and bold-flavoured patty.

Adequately portioned,eating this entire thing will be of no feat to those who are hungry.

philly shack singapore

Those who prefer having chicken, you can try Philly’s Chicken Burger ($14). Freshly battered chicken thigh drizzled with their own habanero (a kind of chilli pepper) sauce, it is crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

A well-seasoned burger that needs little to no sauce to go with it as it packs a whole punch of flavour. Still, if you’re daring you could challenge your spice tolerance by adding the spicy sauces that are available by the baskets.

philly shack singapore

Offering 52 different hot sauces that you may not find elsewhere in Singapore, our favourite graphics are the ones featuring Obama and Donald Trump. These sauces are so popular they run out very quickly, as you can see from the photos, they’re almost emptied out.

philly shack singapore

The widow, no survivors is a killer (labelled with a spider on the bottle), I must warn you. If you think Samyang Spicy Korean Noodles are spicy, this is three times spicier, if not more.

Too much of it and it will keep you in the running to the loo all day. When the sauce touches your tongue, for the first two seconds you will feel nothing, deceiving you to take another dip. And then unknowingly it will hit you hard. I choked on it once…I swore to never be fooled by it again.

philly shack singapore

Habano-sauce-slathered 12 Pieces Wings ($14) comes with a blue cheese dip. Even though the wings might be spicy, the cheese naturalises the spiciness and gave it a spicy sweet aftertaste. A lovely side to have alongside the other mains.


The Beer Battered Onion Rings ($5) is yet another must-try on the menu. Larger than any other onion rings I’ve seen, they are big enough to fit your hand as a bracelet. Yes, we actually tried doing that.

I love staring at how perfectly smooth the crust is, resembling beautiful pastries in a cake shop. The crunch from it and the moist from the soft warm onion warms my heart.


I would highly recommend ordering the five different House Sauce ($1 each) as they really complemented the side dishes: Habanero, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese, Cheese and BBQ. My personal favourite would be the Blue Cheese.

philly shack singapore

We ordered a few drinks but when this beauty hit the table, my inner child leaped for joy. The Chocolate Straight Laced Shake ($6.50) is the kind of beverage my parents would ban me from having as a kid.

Now that I’m an adult, give me the diabetes! If this amount of sugar is not enough for you, you can add another $2 to load the milkshake with chocolate bars and candy.

philly shack singapore

The Damn Spicy Mary ($15) is a mix of habanero-infused vodka and housemade Bloody Mary. If all the spiciness from the food hasn’t made you tear, and if you are hardcore, go for it.

Its tang cuts through everything that we had earlier, and I must say it resets the palate and is refreshing, nonetheless.


The Chocolate Bourbon PS Spiked Shakes ($13), as the name suggests, is a mix of chocolate milkshake and Bourbon, giving you a sweet alcoholic aftertaste.  The adult version of a milkshake, gets a nod of approval from me.

Philly Shack is one of the restaurants I would highly recommend for big groups as it offers not only a great array of tasty foods but also a range of games, including cards, Jenga, dice and beer pong, making it an ideal place to hang out.

Expected damage: $35 – $50 per pax


Philly Shack: 3A River Valley Road, #01-01B, Singapore 179020 | Opening Hours: (Mon-Sat) 11am – 2am, (Sun-Tue) 11am – 11pm | Facebook

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