PIPES by HATTENDO: Hattendo’s First Roasting Gallery & Cafe Bar Opens at New Bridge Rd

Hattendo Cafe at Tanjong Pagar might have shut its doors, but fans of their highly raved about Japanese Cream Buns need not worry as the brand has recently opened their new flagship store, PIPES by HATTENDO.

Pipes By Hattendo 2

Located right beside Outram Park MRT, at the ground floor of Dorsett Residences, PIPES by HATTENDO is a three-in-one concept—Hattendo Cafe by day, Hattendo Bar by night, and an all-day Hattendo Roasting Gallery.

One step into the establishment and I was transported to a warmly lit space that was modern yet strangely comforting. Separating the bar counter and the window seats was a long communal table ideal for group gatherings. 

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One glance towards the end of the cafe and the Hattendo Roasting Gallery immediately caught my attention. Featuring the first fully automated coffee roaster in Singapore—the NOVO MARK II—and an array of coffee beans by the side of the wall, this showroom is a feature in the cafe not to be missed.

Unlike the old Hattendo Cafe which only had limited savoury items, PIPES by HATTENDO serves a range of Japanese-fusion dishes alongside their signature Cream Buns and a range of new desserts in the day. 

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Our meal started with the Teriyaki Burger (S$9), a crowd favourite when it was served at their old location. Instead of serving the burger stacked, PIPES by HATTENDO chose to present their burgers deconstructed. “This allows the diners to add whatever they want in their burgers. Some customers like the sauces sandwiched between, while some don’t,” a staff mentioned. 

Instead of regular burger buns, the eatery uses wheat buns to accompany their patties. Slathered in butter and toasted to a beautiful golden brown, the buns were crisp on the outside, yet warm and fluffy inside. What I particularly enjoyed about this dish was the subtle nuttiness which complemented the sweet-savoury meaty flavour of the hamburg steak.

Pipes By Hattendo 11

If you are expecting your burger patty to be oozing juices, you might be slightly disappointed with this one. Although the hamburg steak was packed with great flavours, it was slightly drier than I would have preferred. Still, it was a pretty satisfactory burger especially when eaten with the home-made mayonnaise sauce served on the side.

Since the start of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, PIPES by HATTENDO has been collaborating with other like-minded restaurants and brands to offer ready-to-eat Japanese fare, enabling customers to easily whip up a decent Japanese-inspired meal at home. In order to showcase the versatility of its vacuum-packed food, the restaurant also incorporated these ingredients into their menu.

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One such item is the Roast Beef Don (S$18), a collaboration with the Japanese wagyu charcoal grill restaurant, Aburiya. Shining the spotlight on Aburiya’s A4 Tokachi wagyu roast beef specially imported from Hokkaido, this unassuming dish consists only of three main ingredients—beef, onsen tamago, and Japanese rice. 

To many Singaporeans, the Roast Beef Don might take some getting used to as it was not a dish drenched heavily with gravy or sauces. While some might find it too plain, I truly appreciated its clean and undisturbed flavours. 

Pipes By Hattendo 9

The beef slices were roasted to a medium-rare, exposing a surface that was blush pink in colour. Despite being seasoned purely with black pepper, each slice had a deep smokiness that enhanced the original taste of the wagyu.

The best way to savour this dish is to eat a slice of beef on top of the rice that is soaked in onsen egg yolk. The medley of flavours and texture had an indescribable appeal that will leave your yearning for more. 

Pipes By Hattendo 7

Regular menu items aside, I also had the honour to try PIPES by HATTENDO’s latest creation, the Dotenabe (S$38), a dish that will be released only in August 2020. A traditional Japanese-style hotpot, this Dotenabe will surely warm your belly on a rainy day. 

A tangy aroma of miso wafted in the air as our serving of Dotenabe was placed on the table. The strong miso-based soup had a piquant punch and subtle notes of sweetness from the addition of cabbage and mushrooms, making the broth irresistibly addictive.  

Pipes By Hattendo 10

Further contributing to the luscious flavour of the soup were the Japanese oysters. The plump and juicy oysters enveloped a deep umami taste with wafts of the sea. If you find the briny flavour too overpowering, try them with a mouthful of miso soup!

My meal at PIPES by HATTENDO ended on a sweet note with their Hokkaido Soft Serve (Original: S$6, Expresso: S$6.60, Mixed: S$6.50). Specially made in-house, the ice creams were served in a cone-shaped plasticware, mimicking the looks of a classic ice cream cone. 

Pipes By Hattendo 13

Laying the base of the Hokkaido Soft Serve were biscuit crumbs. The butter biscuits remained crunchy even when drenched in melted ice cream, retaining its delightful bite. Whilst the original flavour boosted a rich milky flavour, the espresso soft serve was slightly bitter with the addition of espresso shots, making it the perfect choice for coffee lovers like myself.

Pipes By Hattendo 3

During your visit to the restaurant, don’t forget to check out the eye-catching NOVO MARK II. Imported from Kyoto, Japan, this fully automated coffee roaster is programmed to roast coffee beans at their desired roasting degree on the spot. After trying the different roasts of beans, feel free to purchase them to make your morning cuppa at home!

PIPES by HATTENDO is certainly an evolved version of the now-defunct Hattendo Cafe. Despite its wider range of menu items, the true-blue Japanese craftsmanship and perfectionism definitely shone through in all their dishes. 

Having only tried their lunch menu, I’m already excited for my next trip to feast on their dinner items!

Expected Damage: S$7 – S$25 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


331 New Bridge Road, Dorsett Residences, #01-02 , Singapore 088764

Our Rating 4/5


331 New Bridge Road, Dorsett Residences, #01-02 , Singapore 088764

Telephone: +65 8113 6096
Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8113 6096

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
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