Pizza Hut Singapore launches Korean-inspired menu including army stew pizza till 9 Nov 2023

Were you as intrigued as I was when you had budae jjigae (army stew) for the very first time? Who could have guessed that a wartime creation would become a culinary sensation? Now, brace yourself as Pizza Hut Singapore has unveiled the Army Stew Pizza (S$20 for regular, S$28 for large) along with a range of Korean-inspired dishes.

pizza hut korean menu - overview

pizza hut korean menu - adding noodles

Now,before you start asking where the ramyeon is, hold your horses. I place a delivery order, and the ramyeon noodles came separate, allowing me to add them myself— talk about a hands-on experience!

pizza hut korean menu - pizza

It was time for the ultimate taste test! Upon my first bite, the tangy, slightly-spiced kimchi took centre stage, followed by the delightful combination of the unique 7-cheese blend.

As if that weren’t enough, the chicken luncheon, chewy tteokbokki, and ramyeon noodles formed the perfect trio in making this pizza truly delicious and one-of-a-kind.

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As you approach the final bites, you’re in for a treat with the stuffed crust, which delivers an extra burst of cheese to complete this unforgettable culinary journey

pizza hut korean menu - kimchi beef

pizza hut korean menu - kimchi beef tomato dip

The Kimchi Beef Pepperoni Melts (S$9.90) were a delightful combination of savoury beef pepperoni with zesty kimchi and gooey mozarella cheese, all enveloped by an addictively flakey shell. It also comes with a choice of tomato or hot jjang dip to elevate the flavour even further.

pizza hut korean menu - cheesy hawaiian tteokbokki

The Cheesy Kimchi Hawaiian Tteokbokki (S$10.60) will surely hit the spot for die-hard rice cake fans like my colleagues, Ansel, Rachel and Jie Xin.

pizza hut korean menu - kitkat

I also tried the pretty sus-looking Melts Made with Kitkat (S$9.90); I didn’t know what to expect. I was at a loss for words after my first 2 mouthfuls, but as time passed, the delightful hints of hazelnut and Kitkat chocolate together with the cheese started to reveal themselves, turning this into an unexpectedly pleasant experience.

Available now until 24 Sep 2023, dine-in and delivery customers can enjoy a Regular Army Stew Pizza at just S$19.90 with the code ‘DAEBAK’. Head down to Pizza Hut Singapore today!

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