Say Cheese With Cheesy 7 Pizza From Pizza Hut Singapore Until 2 Sep

Sweet dreams are made of brie, and it’s like a dream come true this 1 July to 2 September 2020—because Pizza Hut Singapore is bringing back its iconic Cheesy 7 Pizza!

Can you believe it’s been almost 10 years since the Cheesy 7 Pizza was first introduced to us? Throughout the years, it’s always been a fan favourite—I know I’m always waiting eagerly for this mouthwatering cheese pizza every year.

If you’re a fan of cheese like me, you’ll know that the Cheesy 7 Pizza is made with seven different cheeses (mozzarella, provolone, Monterey Jack, romano, parmesan, cheddar and gouda). This year, to celebrate its 10th Cheesiversary, Pizza Hut is adding spiced cream cheese to the signature medley—making it 7+1!

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 1

You can choose from Cheesy 7 Original, Cheesy 7 Hawaiian, or Cheesy 7 Nachos & Chic—all at S$25.90 (regular) and S$31.90 (large) for dine-in, and S$32.90 (regular) and S$39.90 (large) for delivery and takeaway.

I’m sure you all know what Cheesy 7 Original looks and tastes like, so I’ll tell you all about the two new pizzas instead.

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 2

For those who firmly believe that pineapples belong on pizzas, the Cheesy 7 Hawaiian is an upgrade from the classic pineapple and chicken ham pizza. Succulent chicken ham and juicy pineapple chunks add a tropical punch to the no-frills cheesy pizza.

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 6

I’m usually not a huge fan of pan crust pizza (too much dough when I could be munching on meat and cheese instead!), but the pan crust for Cheesy 7 Hawaiian provided a good contrast to the medley of flavours.

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 4

For something fun and different, the Cheesy Nachos & Chic is the one for you. Aside from the blend of 7+1 cheeses, this pizza also comes with mild spicy cajun chicken chunks, turkey bacon, and juicy cherry tomatoes. It’s also topped with cheese nachos for more crunch and a generous drizzle of cheese.

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 7

I really liked this take on the classic Cheesy 7 Original—the hint of spice and the added crunch really make the difference.

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 3

Can’t get enough of the cheese? Pizza Hut Singapore is also offering other cheesy-licious dishes like the Cheesy 7 Truffle Penne n Cheese (S$16.90/dine-in, S$15.90/takeaway & delivery).

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 5

Drenched in cheese, I have to say that this is a pretty indulgent variant of mac n cheese. However, I couldn’t really taste the truffle—it might have been overpowered by the sheer cheesy flavour of the dish.

If you’re thinking about what to order from this cheese extravaganza, I’d say get the pizzas and skip the pasta. I know what I’m ordering for my next night in!

Dates & Times: 1 July – 2 September 2020 | Available at all Pizza Hut outlets and online for takeaway & delivery

Prices: From S$15.90