Savour Pizza Hut’s New Sweet Potato-Stuffed Crust Now Avail Islandwide

Pizza Hut Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust 3

Truth be told, when it comes to pizza, I’m always one to order thin crust because it’s always quite a struggle to eat the doughy, topless plain part of the pizza; at least having a thin crust keeps things crispy!

But with Pizza Hut’s invention of the Stuffed Crust, I’ve been more than willing to finish a slice in its entirety.

Pizza Hut Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust 7

We’ve indulged in the Cheesy Stuff Crust when it came out, and following the recent sweet potato trend is Pizza Hut’s Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust.

We had the Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust with both their Hawaiian (S$27.90++ for regular, S$33.90++ for large) and Spicy Hawaiian (S$27.90++ for regular, S$33.90++ for large) pizzas,with the latter being topped with shredded pieces of Pizza Hut’s signature Spicy Drumlets.

Pizza Hut Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust 6

Shifting the spotlight to the stuffed crust, the sweet potato version was just as enjoyable as the cheesy one; it was a different kind of satisfaction. Of smooth and almost creamy consistency, the crust was sweet and savoury and topped with their parmesan cheese flakes.

Pizza Hut Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust 4

Even if you’re not obsessed with this superfood, you shouldn’t miss out on their Sweet Potato Waffle Fries (S$6++), a dine-in exclusive from 11 May 2019 onwards. In place of the usual sour plum powder, theirs is sprinkled with powdered sugar for a touch of sweetness.

With another filling for your stuffed crust, you’ll never have to end up with a plate of pizza crusts to be thrown away. And as Pizza Hut boasts, their stuffed crust is so good you might even start eating the slice crust-first.

Dates & times: Now available at all Pizza Hut outlets

Prices: S$27.90++ for regular, S$33.90++ for large