Celebrate Christmas With Pizza Maru’s Chicken Japchae & Bulgogi ‘Pizz-Sta’ Now Till 31 Jan

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If you love both pizza and pasta, you’ll know that sometimes you just can’t decide which to have. Pizza Maru is here to help you with your dilemma this Christmas with their special Pizz-Sta.

It may look like an ordinary pizza, but within this deep dish pizza is a yummy mix of pasta and other ingredients. They’re also offering a feast option. Sharing is caring, so why not try their Pizz-Sta Feast ($38.80), which includes a choice of Pizz-sta, their signature fresh fried chicken wings with fries and four ice lemon tea.

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The Spicy Bulgogi Pizz-sta (S$25.80) was something new to me. The Baked Pizz-Sta was generously filled with BulgogiKimchi and Spaghetti, because what’s a Pizz-Sta without pasta.

It was cheesy, savoury and everything a comfort dish should be. Except that the spaghetti left a lingering aftertaste and was a tad bit too soggy for me. But it’s preferential so maybe you’ll like it.

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Pizza Maru’s Chicken Japchae Pizz-sta (S$24.80), on the other hand, incorporated Korean glass noodles in addition to spaghetti. It might be a little too overwhelming for the palate with so many ingredients though.

At some point, I don’t really remember what I was eating, was it pizza, pasta or quiche? To me, pizza and pasta will always taste good by itself, but maybe not so together.

Of course, it would always be fun trying out new things. So if you’re up for this novelty pizz-Sta, taste it for yourself, and head over to Pizza Maru at Bugis+ or Northpoint City to get your slice.

Date: Now till 31 January 2019

Price: S$24.80 – S$38.80 

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Pizza Maru

1 Northpoint Drive #B1-192/193, South Wing Northpoint City, 768019

Our Rating 3/5

Pizza Maru

1 Northpoint Drive #B1-192/193, South Wing Northpoint City, 768019

Telephone: +65 6254 4307
Operating Hours: 11:30am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6254 4307

Operating Hours: 11:30am - 10pm (Daily)

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