PizzaFace: Tantalising bruschetta and burrata that will steal a piece of your heart

When I first started my journey, I had asked my friends for recommendations as to what I should review. One of the suggestions I received was PizzaFace, so I decided to drop by its Concourse Skyline outlet for a visit.

My dining companion and I made our way to Concourse Skyline, which is a condominium located along Beach Road, from Bugis MRT. It was a relaxing 10-minute walk and we took the chance to prepare our stomachs for what was to come.

PizzaFace - A Picture of the storefront

Immediately, PizzaFace’s neon red sign greeted us. It was hard to miss the place, good for relatively blur people like us, especially since we have not been to this outlet before.

PizzaFace - A picture of the interior of the store

There were so many murals on the wall, most of which were seemingly hand painted. The vibes this cosy little outlet gave off was one of a New York joint, especially with the wooden tones and colourful walls. It is actually a pretty small place, with four tables outside and five tables inside, and the intimate setting felt homely.

What I tried at PizzaFace

PizzaFace - A picture of the starters, calamari and bruschetta

For starters, we had to get the classic Calamari Rings (S$12) and they recommended their Bruschetta (S$10) which I readily agreed to.

PizzaFace - A close up of Calamari

I love good calamari, and PizzaFace’s Calamari Rings were divine.

The calamari was not over cooked; it was chewy and succulent. The light batter was airy, which resulted in the calamari not being dry at all and allowed for a crisp bite.

It was good to eat all by itself or paired with the sauce, which was a homemade jalapeno mayonnaise sauce, which resulted in a spicy kick to the savoury calamari. It was a gobbler and was gone instantly.

PizzaFace - A close up of Bruschetta

The Bruschetta was so good and this was undoubtedly my favourite dish of the night.

One of my greatest fears is dry bread, especially when you need to pair butter or jam with it, but thankfully this did not happen. The bread was not dry at all; it was made in-house from the same dough the pizza is made of. It was seasoned nicely with visible specks of salt, and was topped off with a delicious tomato onion mix that was spicy yet sweet. 

I could taste a slight smokiness from the oven. There was also balsamic vinegar, which added an acidic tinge that bound the slightly charred bread and fresh toppings really well together. The arugula gave a hint of bitterness which resulted in the perfect explosion of flavours in my mouth.

PizzaFace - A picture of the Vongole

Moving on to the first main dish of the night: the Vongole (S$22), which had a generous serving of clams.

The clams were fresh and well cooked, and came without the briny bitterness that some clams tend to have. The noodles were lightly seasoned and had hints of salt and spice from the chilli padi. There was a subtle taste of white wine, which made for a perfect bite. The linguine was cooked well and was slightly chewy, giving the noodles a good chomp. 

PizzaFace - A picture of the Truffle Baked Pasta

Next, the Truffle-Baked Pasta (S$23) was honestly a surprise to me. I am not one for baked pastas, mostly because I am lactose intolerant, so the amount of cheese on the pasta would’ve taken me out. But it has been said that people travel to PizzaFace solely for this pasta, so I tried it and needless to say, it was good

The truffle had been worked into the pasta sauce and not just drizzled over via truffle oil, which impressed me right on the get-go. The generous serving of mushrooms were earthy and complemented the truffle well.

A fair bit of warning: it can get filling due to the cream and portion size (the bowl that the pasta came in was bigger than a hand!), so it is probably best shared among several people.

Given how well PizzaFace executed its pastas, maybe it’s time for them to be rebranded as PastaFace instead (haha).

PizzaFace - A picture of the Burrata Plus

Finally, we moved on to the main entree of the day, the Burrata Plus (S$32), which is a large pizza that came in eight slices. My companion recommended this, so we had to give it a try. 

By this time in the meal, we were so full that we only managed to stomach a slice each, but it was the perfect slice. The creaminess of the burrata balanced out the saltiness of the parma ham, which complemented the bitter undertone of the arugula. 

We took away the remainder of the pizza to have it the next day. According to the owner, the pizza still keeps its integrity even after being heated up the next day, and it did.

PizzaFace - Picture of their Tiramisu

My companion and I decided to round off the meal with some desserts, and the Tiramisu (S$8.50) did not disappoint. 

Served in a cup, this perfectly-sized dessert was decadent, soft and filled with chocolatey flavours. It also came with a tinge of alcohol (which I later learnt was Marsala, a type of wine), and was truly a sweet ending to our meal.

PizzaFace - A picture of their sticky date puddingThe Dessert of the Day – Sticky Date Pudding (S$10) was a fluffy pudding which had small date pieces within, drizzled caramel sauce, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was a bit too sweet for my taste, but was still a really good dessert. The vanilla paired well with the caramel and the almonds gave a nice crunch to the dish. 

Make a reservation at PizzaFace outlets: Concourse | Ridgewood

Final thoughts

I was really impressed with PizzaFace and loved their Bruschetta, while my companion enjoyed the Vongole the most.

However, I’ve got to admit that all the other dishes we ordered were pretty amazing too, and coupled with the good vibes and ambience, it ended up being a really decent meal.

As their mains come in large portions, they’d be perfect for sharing. You can bet I’ll be back, especially for celebratory meals or special occasions!

Expected damage: S$25 – S$34 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


302 Beach Road, Concourse Skyline, #01-03 , Singapore 199600

Our Rating 5/5


302 Beach Road, Concourse Skyline, #01-03 , Singapore 199600

Telephone: +65 6291 0200
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6291 0200

Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm (Daily)
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