Simon Koh

Warakuya Japanese Garden: Decadent Salmon Belly Sashimi & Super Value-For-Money Ice-Bowl Somen In Johor, Malaysia

Tucked in a corner of Taman Sutera — home to countless other restaurants, cafes and bars — is none other than Warakura Japanese Garden. A popular dinner...

Nurul Delights: Nasi Lemak, Lontong & More For Only $2.50 At Bukit Batok Worth Waking Up Early To Queue For

Located in a nondescript coffee shop in Bukit Batok, Nurul Delights is a well-loved Muslim food stall by the locals in the neighbourhood. With common staples such as nasi...

10 Colloquial Food Slangs Used By Singaporeans That Will Bewilder Foreigners

With so many culinary descriptions being thrown around these days, such as the wildly popular umami, al dente and handcrafted artisanal, blah-blah-blahs, it can be...

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Compulsive menu-reader with a perpetual craving for sushi. Hates getting bamboozled by over-hyped food spots with long queues.
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