The Alcoholympics: Challenge Yourself To A Beer-Drinking Competition At BamBooze Tavern On 19 Aug ’17

If you’re a serial guzzler, you can now challenge yourself and others to The Alcoholympics on 19 August 2017. Attendees will have to participate in groups of three, so grab along two friends and you’re good to go.

With a total of five rounds of drinking games, including beer pong and flip cup, winners will stand to win trophies and other prizes such as bottles and vouchers from BamBooze Tavern, the event’s organiser.

Aside from the drinking competition, there will also be mini games, bottle auctions and giveaways throughout the day to keep you entertained.

After the event, hop on a free bus ride to Boat Quay to get one free shot at either Hero’s or Mogambo Singapore as you continue partying the night away.

If you and your friends always thought you could out-drink one another, it’s time to put that to the test now!

Date & Time: 19 August 2017, 3pm

Ticket Prices: $150 for a team of three (inclusive of freebies), registration via the event’s Facebook page

The Alcoholympics: 924 East Coast Road, BamBooze Tavern, Singapore 459115 | Facebook