Secret Bars of Singapore: Savour Exotic Cocktails & Complimentary Shots In 3 World-Class Bars In SG Throughout July ’17

Last Updated: July 6, 2017

Written by Simon Koh

Did you know that Singapore houses five out of the 150 top cocktail bars in the world?

Throughout the month of July 2017Secret Bars of Singapore will bring you to three of them where you can enjoy personalised signature cocktails using exotic ingredients such as salted egg, ghee and even ants!

The location will be kept a surprise until the day of the crawl itself although unsurprisingly, it will be in central Singapore. Complimentary shots, table service and bar bites will be provided as well.

Be it to hang out with your friends or to meet new people, this event is sure to be a great conversation starter.

Date & Time: 7, 14, 20 and 27 July, 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Ticket Prices: $67.25 per guest

Secret Bars of Singapore: Around Central Singapore | Tickets | Website | Facebook

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