Pluseighttwo (+82): Bingsu, Toast & More At This Korean Celebrity-Owned Cafe In Rendezvous Gallery

K-pop fans in Singapore, this might just be your next favourite place to visit. Co-founded by Seo Eunkwang from Korean boy group BTOB, +82 joins the league of Korean dessert joints in Singapore and can be found near the entrance of Rendezvous Hotel. 

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The menu boasts varieties of Bingsu (Korean shaved ice), toast, and beverages. These may not seem very special, but +82 puts its own unique spin on these Korean dessert staples.

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Siltare Bingsu, or silk-like Bingsu, reinvents the way Bingsu is served. Instead of the powdery milk snow that we’re familiar with, Siltare Bingsu comes in a pile of fine threads, living up to its name.

The dessert comes in three flavours: Matcha ($17.90), Chocolate ($17.90), and Banana ($17.90). This version of Bingsu tasted pretty much the same as normal Bingsu, so the hype was really only about the presentation.

We were much more intrigued by the range of Snow Flake Bingsu that’s also served at the cafe.

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We tried the Strawberry Snow Flake Bingsu (bowl: $18.90, cup: $7.80), which looked unassuming at first, with only a few halves of fresh strawberries and whipped cream as toppings.

However, we were pleasantly surprised when we took a bite. Beneath the top layer of milky ice was strawberry sauce which made the whole dessert taste like quality strawberry milk.

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Even the whipped cream was delightfully light and creamy, and lacked the artificial taste that other kinds of whipped cream tend to have.

The menu also features gorgeous beverage items such as the Ice Cube Latte ($7.50), Ice Cube Soda ($7.50), and Jolly Pong Latte ($7), while also offering cafe staples such as the Iced Americano ($5), and Green Tea Latte ($7).

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We decided on the Grapefruit Ice Cube Soda ($7.50). It turned out to be very refreshing, not too sweet, and had just the right amount of fizz – perfect for Singapore’s weather.

The pieces of fresh oranges and raspberries in the ice cubes made the drink look even more inviting. Out of curiosity, we waited for the ice to melt so that we could eat the fruit, but you can give that a pass as the taste of the fruits was diluted by the water during the freezing process.

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The highlight of the cafe’s menu was definitely the toast. We tried two out of the three types of toast featured on the menu; the Palette Toast ($8.50), and the Sunrise Toast ($8.50).

The Palette Toast comes with strawberry, matcha, and cookies and cream spreads which were delightfully reminiscent of the Pocky snack. They were a little too sweet alone, but went perfectly with the toast.

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At the end of it, we were just left wishing we had more of the delicious spreads to accompany our toast, especially at that price.

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The Sunrise Toast surprised me the most because who would have thought that apricot jam would go so well with a sunny-side up egg? The combination of the savoury egg and the apricot jam turned out to be one of our favourites of the day!

We asked Eunkwang what his favourite items on the menu were, so if you’re unsure of what to order, eat what he would! Melon Bingsu and Sunrise Toast is the way to go folks.

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While you’re there, you can also take many Insta-worthy pictures in +82’s minimalistic space. Marble table tops, gold chairs, fresh flowers and potted plants – this cafe was designed with the ‘gram in mind. Even the food items are served on simple canvas frames.

Overall, the whole cafe experience was thoroughly enjoyable, and our only concern was that the items are slightly pricey. Having said that, there is no doubt that I would pay +82 another visit, since the novelty of it really appeals to the K-pop fan in me.

Whether you’re a Bingsu enthusiast, a fellow fan of K-pop, or just on the lookout for a new cafe to hang out at, +82 is worth a try!

Expected Damage: $10 – $15 per pax

+82: #01-02, Rendezvous Gallery, 9 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559 | Tel: +65 8535 7294 | Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Daily) | Facebook