Catch Exclusive Official Pokémon Bubble Tea In Japan From 10 July

Are you an avid Pokemon fan who also happens to adore bubble tea? Well, now you can drink to your heart’s content with an all-new Pokemon bubble tea lineup.

Pokemon Bubble Tea Japan Online 1

The Pokémon Company is collaborating with Japan restaurant chain The Sweet Dynasty on a range of exciting bubble tea drinks.

The campaign “Pokemon meets Sweet Dynasty – Hong Kong Bubble Tea” will be launched at a pop-up store in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. New Hall from 10 – 16 July 2019.

Pokemon Bubble Tea Japan Online 4

The drinks will be available at all The Sweet Dynasty branches in Japan from 17 July to end-September 2019.

You have slightly over two months to try an Eevee Milk Bubble Tea (JP¥540), topped with salty cream cheese, peanuts, and black sesame.

Pokemon Bubble Tea Japan Online 3

Perhaps you’d prefer the Bulbasaur Matcha Bubble Tea (JP¥648). I know I would love to try this bulba-tea!

Pokemon Bubble Tea Japan Online 2

Of course, you won’t go wrong with the classic Pikachu Bubble Mango Smoothie Bubble Tea (JP¥756).

The other specials include Mew Watermelon Smoothie Bubble Tea (JP¥756), Plenty of Pikachu Rainbow Soda Bubble Tea (JP¥756), and Plenty of Pikachu Melon Soda Bubble Tea (JP¥648).

When it comes to bubble tea, “Gotta catch ’em All” really does apply.

Dates & Times: 10 – 16 July 2019 (at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. New Hall popup) | 17 July – end-September 2019 (at all The Sweet Dynasty branches in Japan)

Prices: JP¥540 onwards (inclusive of tax)