First dibs: PrimaDeli launches new limited edition Kit Kat Waffles until 30 Sept 2022

After the launch of their Cookies & Cream Waffle on 1 June 2022, PrimaDeli is once again back with a new limited edition waffle flavour made with a nostalgic and popular sweet treat: Kit Kat.

primadeli kit kat

PrimaDeli’s Kit Kat Waffle is filled with Kit Kat spread, and can be obtained from their outlets for S$2.60 from 1 August to 30 September 2022. I decided to head down to one of their outlets to try the Kit Kat Waffle out for myself.

primadeli kit kat 2

Slathered with a layer of smooth brown chocolate, I initially expected this PrimaDeli waffle to taste like any other typical chocolate waffle. However, upon taking a bite, I realised that the waffle came with crunchy bits of Kit Kat wafer, adding some texture to it. The Kit Kat spread was sweet and tasted like milk chocolate. The Kit Kat taste wasn’t as prominent as I would have liked, but I enjoyed the crunch of the wafer.

primadeli kit kat 1

The waffle itself was served fresh and hot, and had a soft texture with a kueh-like consistency. It paired nicely with the sweet Kit Kat spread, and overall, I quite enjoyed this waffle.

Those with a sweet tooth would be more likely to enjoy PrimaDeli’s Kit Kat Waffle. Personally, I didn’t really find it to be worth S$2.60, given the average amount of fillings and taste. I would still stick to getting regular chocolate waffles from neighbourhood bakeries for under S$2.

primadeli le le cake

Despite that, I still look forward to seeing PrimaDeli’s creative new launches. Most recently, in conjunction with Singapore’s very own panda cub, Le Le’s birthday, PrimaDeli also released a limited Le Le Cake (S$12.80) in the design of a cute panda, only available from 1 August to 31 August 2022. Who knows what else they’ll come up with?

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