PrimaDéli launches new limited edition Cookies & Cream Waffle until 31 July 2022

Most Singaporeans are no strangers to PrimaDéli, one of the nation’s most iconic old-school waffle makers. This home-grown bakery has launched unique limited waffle flavours in the past and this time, we have been treated to their newly released Cookies & Cream Waffle.

primadeli - cookies & cream waffle

For S$2.50, you can look forward to enjoying a soft waffle filled with a delectable layer of cream and sprinkled with crunchy bits of cookie crumble. While Cookies & Cream is a classic flavour on its own, it’s certainly a more novel flavour for old-school waffles, which typically don simple flavours like chocolate, peanut butter, jam and kaya.

The limited edition Cookies & Cream Waffle was launched on 1 June 2022, and will be available for two months until 31 July 2022.

primadeli - storefront

PrimaDéli never fails to impress me with their creative range of new waffle flavours. Most recently, we were delighted with the launch of their limited edition Nacho Cheese Waffle in April 2022, which provided an unorthodox combination of salty and savoury nacho cheese with the lightly sweet waffle.

Of course, we can’t talk about creative waffle flavours without mentioning their Mango Surimi Crab Waffle from 2016, combining sweet mango with savoury crab. Who knows what other interesting flavours PrimaDéli will come up with in the future?

Personally, I would love to see a salted egg cream cheese waffle, given how one of my favourite PrimaDéli items is their Salted Egg Lava Cheese Tart. Combining one of their most iconic pastries with their nationwide famous waffles would be an ingenious creation indeed.

Old-school waffles are a huge part of Singapore’s food culture, and personally, I’d love for more bakeries to let their creative juices flow when it comes to conceiving new waffle flavour ideas. Here’s to a future of exciting and hipster waffle flavours!

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