Here’s Our Guess To Pringles SG Mystery Flavour For A Chance To Win S$5,000 From Now Till 30 Apr

Pringles 7
Credit – Pringles SG

As most of us already know, Pringles SG is having an on-going contest from now till 30 April 2020 to guess its Mystery Flavour which was spotted in supermarkets a few days ago. And as a reward for guessing it right, a lucky fan will stand a chance to win S$5,000!

If you are still scratching your head trying to get the mystery flavour right, let us help take some stress off your back, as we delve together in detective mode and unleash our inner Sherlock Holmes to decipher this Pringles mystery.

First step to success

Pringles 1

Buy the product. You will have to get your hands on two cans of Pringles and keep its receipt for verification purposes. “Where to buy?”, you might ask. Nope, not NTUC and neither can you purchase it at Cold Storage but trust your good, old Sheng Siong to deliver the goods.

After visiting numerous NTUCs and Cold Storages, I found these mysterious white cans of Pringles at Sheng Siong around Punggol, retailing at two cans for S$4.75.

Step Two

Pringles 6

Scrutinise the packaging—up, down, left, right, 360 degrees. Written on the can was ‘Find your 1st clue in the word search here’. Being a model student, I took out a magnifying glass and looked through the entire text at the background.

Most of them were gibberish and out of the entire image, the only two words I managed to find were ‘cheesy’ and ‘basil’—pizza or spaghetti, maybe?

Pringles 2

Turning to the back of the can, I attempted to get more clues from the list of ingredients. Apart from some really basic must-have ingredients and several scientific names which I can’t even pronounce, only ‘cheese powder’, ‘spices’ and ‘paprika’ stood out to me.

Hmm, looks like I am on the right track with my guesses so far. 

Taste test

Pringles 5

Smell wise, there wasn’t a particular scent that stood out besides the strong smell of cheese powder. As this was already an apparent clue that could be found almost anywhere, it didn’t help much in solving the mystery.

Moving onto its looks, most Pringles have each slice thicker and starchier than actual potato chips as they are made using dehydrated processed potatoes instead of the real deal. Looking through the crisps, most of them were unevenly coated with an orangey-red seasoning mostly concentrated in the centre of each chip. 

Pringles 3

In terms of flavour, the first thing that came to my mind when I ate the crisps was cheesy meatballs. Besides its sharp pungent flavour, there was also an element of sourness and slight meaty aftertaste. After reaffirming my guess with several other colleagues in the office, we came to our first conclusion—spaghetti bolognese.

So here you have it, our first guess based on whatever can be found on the can, and our rather trustworthy tastebuds. This, however, is not the end of the guessing game as more clues might be subsequently revealed via Pringles SG’s Facebook page.

Besides that, participants will also have to ascertain their favourite mystery in less than 25 words as part two to the contest. So, get those creative juices flowing and also be sure to check in constantly for other hints that might reveal the final answer!

Clues from us aside, previous mystery flavours from the past years include Korean BBQ, Jamaican Jerk, Thanksgiving Dinner and Sweet Chilli Tango. Thus, it’s definitely a safe bet to strike those off your list of answers and focus on the flavour at-hand!

Good luck, and may the best person win!

Dates & Times: From now till 30 April 2020. Please refer to detailed contest rules here.

Price: S$4.75 for two cans at Sheng Siong Supermarket