Sink Your Teeth Into Proofer Boulangerie’s Mouth-Watering Prosperity Pizzas Avail At All Proofer Bakery Outlets Now Till 31 Jan

As we roll out our Chinese New Year decorations to usher in the imminent 2020 Rat Year, Proofer Boulangerie is here to add on to the festive mood with the introduction of their Prosperity PizzasLet’s Bakkwa (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) and Bring Yu Prosperity (Cai Yuan Gun Gun).

Proofer Boulangerie 4

Available from now till 31 January 2020 at all Proofer bakery outlets, both the 11-inch pizzas are delectable renditions of quintessential Chinese New Year tastes featuring our all-time favourite snacks such as bak kwa and chicken floss.  

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Let’s Bakkwa (S$14.90) consists of peppered chicken ham, shredded chicken, chicken bak kwa, capsicum and pineapple topped with cheese and roasted sesame sauce. When we opened the pizza box, I was surprised by the look of the pizza. It was shaped like a traditional coin with a hole in the middle, in which sat a container filled with chicken floss. 

It was a thoughtful gesture from Proofer to separate the chicken floss as this ensures that the floss remained dry and fluffy. Comparing both pizzas, Let’s Bakkwa sat on the sweeter side of the flavour spectrum thanks to the addition of the juicy bak kwa and pineapple slices. To me, this pizza felt like a Hawaiian pizza dressed in a cheongsam—very attractive and befitting for this festive season. 

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Bring Yu Prosperity (S$14.90) on the other hand was savoury and, in my opinion, more flavoursome. If you enjoy the distinct taste of tuna and subtle tang from tomatoes, you will definitely prefer this pizza over Let’s Bakkwa. 

This seafood-based pizza is generously topped with kanifumi (Japanese crabstick meat), flecks of tuna, onions, capsicum and infused with creamy cheese, and tomato sauce. Every bite was refreshing, with a strong burst of flavours contributed by each topping and its sauces. 

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Credit – Proofer Boulangerie

Alongside their pizzas, Proofer has also launched four Prosperity Buns this Lunar New Year. Auspiciously named Wealth (hard-boiled eggs, ham and cheese bun), Longevity (nuts-based bun topped with walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and raisins), Good Fortune (curry chicken bun with hard-boiled egg) and Abundance (tuna mayonnaise bun), each of these buns are retailing at S$2 each or four for S$6. 

The uniqueness of Proofer’s pizzas lies in its fluffy crust that is buttery and slightly crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy inside. For just S$14.90, hesitate no more and head by your nearest Proofer Outlet to get hold of these affordable pizzas that are sure to delight everyone in the family!

Dates & Time: Available at all Proofer Boulangerie outlets from now till 31 January 2020.

Prices: Buns priced at S$2 each or four for S$6, 11-inch pizzas are S$14.90 each.