Starbucks SG Brings Back Pumpkin Spice Latte + New Vanilla Fig Latte This Sep

If you’re a basic b*tch and you love your seasonal Starbucks drinks, this one’s for you.

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Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Singapore may not have four seasons, but Starbucks Singapore is bringing back a fall favourite anyway. Their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte (S$7.60/tall) is now available at all Starbucks outlets, so get your hands on a cup ASAP.

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Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Made with their signature espresso and milk, this autumnal drink also comes with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, with a dollop of whipped cream and real pumpkin pie spices. Mmm, I can already imagine how aromatic the drink will be!

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Credit – Starbucks Singapore

If pumpkin isn’t your thing, Starbucks Singapore is also introducing an all-new drink for the fall season. Get a taste of the Vanilla Fig Latte (S$7.60/tall) from any Starbucks Singapore outlet.

Their signature espresso is blended with creamy steamed milk and vanilla syrup for a smooth and balanced drink with a subtle hint of sweetness. The drink is then topped off with a layer of dried fig, and fluffy white whipped cream.

Starbucks Singapore is also bringing back some non-coffee favourites.

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Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Remember the Mango Mango Frappuccino (S$8.20/tall) and the Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly or Coffee Spheres (S$8/tall)?

The Mango Mango Frappuccino includes Alphonso mangoes, milk and refreshing mango and passion fruit juices, and it’s finished off with a layer of chunky mango jelly and whipped cream.

Choose between the Earl Grey Jelly or Coffee Spheres if you’re ordering the Chocolate Black Tea, a classic black tea infused with java chips. Smooth and fragrant, the Earl Grey Jelly is a great choice for non-coffee drinkers, while the well-crafted Coffee Spheres will explode with Starbucks’ signature Brazilian coffee.

If you’re looking for some exclusive merch, Starbucks Singapore is also releasing the yearly Anniversary Siren Merchandise Collection.

To celebrate 99% ethically sourced coffee, you can also get a free, limited-edition illustrated reusable cup with every purchase of a Grande- or Venti-sized handcrafted coffee beverage on 9 September 2019.

Dates & times: Now available at all Starbucks Singapore outlets

Prices: S$7.60 onwards