PYXIEMOSS Singapore: Utilizing Every Part of an Ingredient To Create Spectacular Dishes


Did you know that there is actually a moss called Pixie-moss? And it is the only moss that actually blossoms.

It is not coincidental that PYXIEMOSS has its name derived from it, a signification of resilience and success. Turning the unwanted into beauty. What a deep name.


I am drawn to the idea of PYXIEMOSS’s direction towards the creation of each dish — upcycling every part of an ingredient and creatively incorporating them into a meal is no easy feat.

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I knew I needed a trip to PYXIEMOSS to meet the pixies that are doing wonders to create each dish. The modern European with an Asian twist menu is put together by owner and head chef Tim Ross-Watson, who spent most of his childhood in Asia.


At PYXIEMOSS, you’ll get to indulge in various appetizers and crafted cocktails. As the night reaches 1030pm, you can order from a different menu of interesting bar snacks.

Don’t leave a bar without trying out their cocktails, each bar has their own speciality cocktails in which you can’t find anywhere else.


The SRWMC ($22) arrives on our table with jaw-dropping gasps from us all. Presented in a small carafe is the aperitif white Negroni while the glassware lies on a bed of ice in a barrel.

With Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Suze gentian liqueur and two kinds of vermouth, the Cocchi Americano Bianco and La Quintinye Extra Dry, this is a potent drink not for the faint-hearted. Yet it is smooth and light in taste, perfect to whet your appetite.


In the Mead Thyme ($16) is an infusion of bulleit bourbon, lillet blanc, tio pepe and malt soda. It is slightly gassy but has a smooth finish.

The menu is split into three categories: cold, hot and sweet. 

The Seaviche ($8) is an affordable vegetarian dish uncommonly seen in many places. Instead of the usual raw seafood, chef Tim uses sea coconut. Mix it all with the chilli, onions and coriander plus a squeeze of lime for some zesty flavour.

Pair it with the hickory-smoked corn chip that comes in a brown bag. Once opened, the smokiness from the bag will hit your nose, so be warned.


The Tribbiani ($15) is well loved by our table. A dome-shaped duck liver mousse that is lusciously creamy. What’s even more exciting is the toasted focaccia that comes topped with a layer of chicken fats!

As we spread some of the liver mousse onto the crispy bread, each bite is packed with crunch and oozing with the umami-ness of the melted fats in our mouth. This is insanely sinful.  And for once, I urge you to forget the cholesterol and just dig in.


The Coffee Lox ($18) is essentially a cured salmon, which is smooth and tender that literally glides down your throat. It does not have that very salty taste but is just nice on the palate, different from the usual smoked salmon I’ve had before.


The Rad-ish ($8) is a star dish if you love your daikon soft and drenched in a light broth. It is triple braised, firstly in salt water, followed by miso, and then lastly braised in onions. Served with sliced radish and pickled radish which adds texture to the overall dish.


The highlight of the meal goes to Not On The Tip ($14). It resembles your Walford salad but in an intriguing version — the entire celery is used where the roots are cooked at low temperature, which forms the black celery as seen in the picture. This creates a more robust taste to it.

The stem of the celery is chopped and mixed with stilton cheese and barley risotto, to create the “soil”. The leaves are deep fried and garnished on top. There are also some green apple slices for an extra munch and tangy taste.


Carnivores will rejoice at the Mother’s lamb ($18) which consists of a lamb neck, lamb bacon and lamb heart. The lamb meats slice through easily and does not have a strong gamey flavour.

The lamb bacon tastes deceivingly like your pork bacon, smoky and crunchy. Served on the side is some champagne carbonated grapes with a fizziness that cuts through the richness of the meats.


From 1030pm onwards, you can order some bar snacks to go along with your drinks, like the Pigaroon ($3), which is visually appealing and something I could eat over and over again.

The two sticks of beetroot meringue is addictive enough to keep me going, slightly on the savoury side that literally dissolves on the tongue. The smoked bacon and cream cheese wrapped in a slice of pork belly calls out to me with its petite portion and mind-throbbing creaminess.


Another little treat goes to the Carrot Dog ($5). The home-made bun is stuffed with a chargrilled carrot glazed in gula melaka and topped with achar. What you get is a mixture of spiciness, citrusy and crunchy flavours. It could get a little messy eating this as the ingredients seem overloaded as compared to the sheer tiny size of the bun.

Moving on to the desserts which are amusing and full of innovation. The Pina Colada ($10) is a deconstructed dish with coconut caramel ice cream, fermented young coconut cake and home-made coconut granola. Again, it is like a tiny explosion in the mouth with solid ingredients combined together with the moisture of the cake.


For something more Asian-inspired, the Banoffee ($10) is a banana-centric dessert. A fried plantain sits on top of a caramelised banana puree with a side of bacon walnut that is grounded into a smooth powdery form.


We enjoyed our meal at PYXIEMOSS. You know that they have nailed it, when each dish can stand alone by itself and has a wow factor every time you sink your teeth in. Each ingredient has its role to play with none overpowering another. I saw a lot of skills, techniques and sincerity involved in the creation of the entire menu, each dish meticulously prepared.

This is the place to jio your friends or colleagues along for a nice dinner or a late-night drink.

Expected Damage: $30 onwards

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PYXIEMOSS: 43 North Canal Road, Singapore 059299 | Tel: 65322171 | Opening Hours: Mon to Sat: 5PM-12AM, Closed on Sun | Website