First dibs: Qi Xiang Hotpot’s newest outlet is a meld of delicious & innovative with local flavours

A spread of ingredients at Qi Xiang

Very few things draw me to make the trip down to the west, especially seeing how I’m an eastie through and through. But just like the long list of conjuring spells in the wild, wild universe of Harry Potter, if you repeat the words “hotpot” and “soup” enough times, I most definitely will show up. Branching out from their first outlet in Kovan, Qi Xiang Hotpot opens its doors at The Chevrons, Boon Lay Way. And if you can’t for the life of you make out where that is, you’re not the only one.

An establishing shot of The Chevrons

Qi Xiang Hotpot sits on the third floor of The Chevrons, which is just slightly off central Jurong.

Storefront of Qi Xiang Hotpot

Rivalling the already-brimming host of hotpot joints out there, Qi Xiang Hotpot brings its own set of unique offerings to the table (and pot).

A close up of sauces at Qi Xiang Hotpot

For one, how many hotpot places can say that they’ve got table-side sauce service? Having your prawns peeled and soup stirred is nice, but having someone wheel a cart of just about fifteen different sauces right to you and blend your personal sauce bowl is happiness next to no other.

XO Carrot Cake

It’s not often that you’ll find a cooked food section of the menu at hotpot places, let alone local cuisine. The XO Carrot Cake (S$10.90) isn’t just comfort to the little foodie heart, it’s also incredibly delectable with its crispy, carefully-seasoned outer that gives way to soft, fluffy insides.

A bowl of fried rice

The Fried Rice (S$3), as we’ve so heard, is an all-time favourite brought over from their Kovan outlet, and one that even Uncle Roger would probably get behind.

A plate of smoked duck

A product of a two-year-long research and development process, Qi Xiang’s signature Smoked Infused Duck Breast Braised in Szechuan Sauce (S$22.90) defies every gripe and grievance I have about the common iterations of the dish. For one, I don’t find the need to repeatedly yank at the pieces to tear them apart like I always do, no. Instead, each slice falls apart in your mouth, and not without a smoky, aromatic fragrance filling your palate first. And that’s a phrase I’ve never used on smoked duck before.

A bowl of sauerkraut fish soup

As if it wasn’t already clear, the theme at Qi Xiang Hotpot isn’t only going above and beyond for its customers in terms of service, a lot of thought and intentionality has also gone into each dish. Local flavours infused with other cuisines play a big role here at Qi Xiang, as its owner explains, and we’re beginning to see how.

One of their more popular soups, the Sour Mala Veg Soup with Dory (S$20.80 for half portion, S$38 for full portion), boasts an excellent savoury-sour balance and does a fine job to keep you returning for seconds and thirds. It’s a perfect broth for hotpot especially, since you want something that’s equal parts tasty yet refreshing.

A close up of ingredients at Qi Xiang Hotpot

Like two peas in a pod (except, two broths in a pot), we opt for the Signature Broth Soup (S$24.90 for half portion, S$31.90 for full portion) as our other half. It’s a slightly fuller, much more herbal concoction that serves well as a full-bodied drinking experience if you’re ever looking for one.

Another fantastic thing about the place is the choice of adjusting the soup’s thickness, spice level, as well as customising your broth in terms of ingredients such as coriander, spring onion, ginger, and capsicum to suit your very specific needs.

A tray of Iberico pork collar

Your usual lineup of hotpot ingredients, of course, includes the Iberico Pork Collar (S$9.90 for half portion, S$19.90 for full portion), Quail’s Eggs (S$3.40 for half portion, S$6.90 for full portion), Shrimp Paste (S$8.40 for half portion, S$16.90 for full portion), and what I consider a non-negotiable in my books, Potato Noodle (S$6.90), otherwise known as Xi Fen.

A platter of prawn pizza

You’d typically never catch me gunning for the fried dishes, especially in the presence of glorious broths at a hotpot establishment. But these Prawn Pizza (S$9.90) slices are worth every penny and calorie. Delightfully springy, well-seasoned, and encapsulated in a thin, crisp batter, the “pizza” slices are so incredibly scrumptious, and not to mention, addictive.

An interior shot of Qi Xiang Hotpot

Qi Xiang Hotpot brims with much, much promise, and our Social Media Executive Corliss and I had a wonderful, comfortable evening catching up over warm soup and springy noodles. It’s somewhere I’d recommend to everyone and anyone, but now you’ll just have to get over making the trip there.

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Our Rating: 5 / 5

Qi Xiang Hotpot

48 Boon Lay Way, The Chevrons, #03-06, Singapore 609961

Our Rating 5/5

Qi Xiang Hotpot

48 Boon Lay Way, The Chevrons, #03-06, Singapore 609961

Telephone: +65 8808 6730
Operating Hours: 11am – 3am (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8808 6730

Operating Hours: 11am – 3am (Daily)
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