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Get Fruity With R&B Tea’s New Fruit Yogi Series Now Available Across Singapore

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

Written by Stacey Hong

I always face a dilemma when it comes to satisfying my bubble tea cravings because of its high sugar content and how “heaty” it gets. So when I heard that R&B Tea Singapore launched a new Fruit Yogi Series on 1 April 2020, I was ecstatic. 

Blended smoothly and packed with probiotics, this fruity line guarantees a healthier digestive system, and a guilt-free bubble tea experience you won’t need to think twice about. It’s low in fat and features everyone’s favourite digestion aid— yoghurt! With refreshing fruit juice and chewy, delightful crystal balls thrown into the mix, it sounds like an addictive treat you can’t get enough of. 

The Fruit Yogi Series comes in three flavours: Mango, Grape and Strawberry. Personally, I’m in love with the aesthetically-pleasing yoghurt swirls. If you’re looking to aid your digestion, I suggest you give these drinks a whirl. Who says you can’t stay healthy and enjoy bubble tea at the same time? 

You can opt for a non-sugar option if you’re feeling extra conscious, but it’s recommended that you enjoy these drinks with its original level of sugar. Remember to stir well before slurping it down; you don’t want to get stuck with the sweet residue at the bottom. 

These drinks are priced at S$4.90 and S$5.40 for 500ml and 600ml respectively. Pretty reasonable for bubble tea, if you ask me. 

What a great way to combat Singapore’s scorching weather! Be sure to check out these yummy drinks at any of the R&B Tea outlets around Singapore. 

Dates & Times: Now available at R&B Tea Singapore outlets

Prices: S$4.90 (500ml), S$5.40 (600ml)

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