Enjoy plant-based options at JWS Grille Factory without breaking the bank

If you’re intending to gradually eliminate meat from your diet but are getting tired of the few affordable options available, fret no more. Pairing up with The Vegetarian Butcher, JWS Grille Factory, a Western coffee shop chain in Singapore with over 12 outlets and one cafe, will officially be adding plant-based options in their menu that’ll range from S$7 to S$11. They’ll also be the first Western coffee shop chain in Singapore to do so. 

In other words, you will be reaping the benefits of having affordable plant-based dishes combined with the convenience of having them right at your doorstep. Hooray for JWS Grille Factory!

JWS Grille Factory's Classic Nobeef Burger
Credit – JWS Grille Factory

If you’re craving for a good ol’ beef burger, you can have a go at their Classic NoBeef Burger (S$6.90 for À la carte and $8.90 for Set). Complete with fresh greens, onions and tomatoes, and topped with mayonnaise. The main star of the burger? A succulent plant-based patty that is sure to blow your mind. 

What’s better than that? You’ll be enjoying the traditional flavours and consistency of your favourite burger while contributing to the betterment of the planet while being kinder to animals.

JWS Grille Factory's Nomeatball And Shimeiji Spaghetti (tomato Sauce)
Credit – JWS Grille Factory

The usual combination of burgers and nuggets sans the shakes aren’t your thing? No worries, they also have other options like the NoMeatball & Shimeji Spaghetti (S$8.90) or NoMeatball Baked Rice/Fusilli ($8.90).

JWS Grille Factory's Nochicken Nuggets
Credit – JWS Grille Factory

If you’re looking to have more greens on your plate with a touch of “meat”, why not opt for the NoChicken Nuggets Salad (S$8.90)?

Besides the medley of colours that’s a visual treat, the crispness of the nuggets and its “meat” will also get you reminiscing about the time where a certain fast-food joint’s nuggets were your go-to to munch on. 

Do also note that the NoChicken Nuggets Salad is exclusive to their café outlet, Moments Café, and prices may vary across their café and coffee shop outlets. 

The Vegetarian Butcher’s products are created by meat lovers, for meat lovers, ensuring you won’t be missing out—taste- and texture-wise—when opting for plant-based options as opposed to the real deal. Also, the fact that their products are easy on the wallet makes it harder to resist too, am I right? 

Considering how there’s a JWS Grille Factory a mere five-minute walk away from my home, I’m definitely heading down to indulge in some plant-based “meat” when they’re available! 

*This post was brought to you in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher. 

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